Collar embroidery wall cloth with this set of plai

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The source of life is home, and the end is home. Only when there is home can there be warmth, and only when there is warmth can there be love. Now let's have a look with the collar embroidery wall cloth

the source of life is home

the end is also home

only when there is a home can there be warmth

only when there is warmth can there be love

real scene: Luoyang Lingxiu embroidery store, Henan Province address of the exclusive store: the last day of the countdown to the event at the unexpectedly home Wangcheng store, Luoyang City, Henan Province 4-003

the wall cloth of Lingxiu embroidery inherits the skill of Suzhou embroidery, and the product itself has the characteristics of exquisite and luxurious manual embroidery. The collar embroidery wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in the pattern design, and integrates with the exquisite embroidery to better show the unique dignity and luxury of the royal family. The British royal style characterized by natural, elegant, implicit and noble adds artistic luster to the traditional oriental embroidery

(source: collar embroidery wall cloth)





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