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How to make your home cooler in hot summer? This can be done

step 1: cool color home decoration brings a cool feeling

different home color combinations give people different experiences. In hot summer, it is natural to choose the cool color system as the main color of the space

from the perspective of chromatics, green, blue, gray, black, brown, white and other colors belong to the cold color system. Choosing fresh blue, pure white, returning to nature green, wood color home decoration can bring people a cool, natural and calm feeling

put a snow-white wooden door on your home decoration, which is pure and elegant, can achieve the effect of visual cooling, and can also reflect the owner's fresh and refined temperament

step 2: calm and irritable heart in the green plant space

put more green plants indoors to purify the air and bring a chill at the same time. I'm afraid the irritable mood has been driven away long ago by playing with flowers and plants in the time gap. You can use the balcony and other suitable space to play with a small garden by yourself. If the place is really small, the green background wall is a good choice, which saves space and is beautiful

Step 3: choose wood as home decoration material

wood is a healthy and fashionable green environmental protection material that has been used all the time. It plays a great role in our home decoration. On the one hand, wood has a strong regulating function, which can absorb moisture and dehumidify. Therefore, after indoor decoration with dry wood, if the air humidity is too high, the wood will absorb moisture from the air. On the contrary, it will release moisture, which will have a certain regulating effect on the indoor relative humidity and give people a more comfortable environment

in houses using wood as home decoration materials, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the indoor dry humidity is appropriate. It is the best home decoration material in summer

the solid wood decoration of tree ・ life is made of excellent wood. Through professional and considerate craftsmanship design, it provides customers with private customized high-quality services and creates a refreshing, comfortable and fashionable home environment





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