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The design of bathroom door needs to consider the size of the whole bathroom and the style of the whole bathroom to a large extent. The design of bathroom sliding door can not only save space, but also meet you to achieve the style you want

bathroom is a place commonly used in our life that is extremely important to our life. In general, ordinary houses, the design of bathroom and bathroom is very small. In many bathroom designs, the design of bathroom door is required to achieve a certain space saving effect, and the sliding door of bathroom is a good choice

first, what is a bathroom sliding door

as we all know, sliding doors save more space than flat sliding doors. At the same time, it is the best choice for partition space, which does not affect the visual beauty, but also can adjust the opening and closing range, and determine the hook or closure of space according to needs. Therefore, for the toilet, the sliding door can realize the separation of dry and wet areas in the toilet, and it is also suitable for dividing some areas in the large space as places for rest or storage; For a small space, the sliding door can connect it with the external space. Whether it is connected with the bedroom, private reception room, or study, it can be used as its expansion space, and it can also be set as a bathroom in these relatively large spaces & ldquo; Dry ” And completely make the original small bathroom “ Wet ” In this way, the small bathroom that can only shower can accommodate your favorite bathtub, and you can fully enjoy the fun of bathing

second, the role of bathroom sliding door

leisure design, more slow-paced life attitude

bathroom design, can also bring people leisure and comfortable life enjoyment, bathroom is what we must use every day, good design can bring you good mood and good state, simple bathroom sliding door design, but can bring you a different leisure life, The open bathroom sliding door design can bring you more fresh enjoyment and delight your body and mind

partition design, unique space creation

for many small room designs, partition can make more effective use of space and help you create a unique bathroom space. Generally speaking, small bathroom design is extremely economical for the use of space, and there are also requirements for the design of bathroom door. The design of bathroom door should not only meet the effect of partition, but also effectively achieve the space introduction and the creation of bathroom private space, The sliding door of the bathroom can meet such requirements

fresh design, clean and tidy is also personality

the bathroom decoration of light color department can bring people a feeling of freshness and tidiness. The sliding door design of the bathroom made of transparent glass adds a different fresh feeling to the whole bathroom. The design is simple but also unique. Many people like things made of glass. This transparent and clean glass bathroom sliding door is not only a fresh design of the whole bathroom, but also reflects the owner's clean personality

integral bathroom, bathroom design I have my requirements

integral bathroom is now the choice of many people to decorate the bathroom. This kind of integral bathroom bathroom can not only save space, but also effectively avoid the interference of wet and hot air in the whole bathroom. Many of the designs of the overall bathroom are open-door designs. In fact, this sliding door makes the overall bathroom door design more concise, and can also prevent us from obstructing other activity spaces when we open the bathroom door at ordinary times

III. selection method of bathroom sliding door

first check the tightness of bathroom sliding door. Whether you choose furniture or doors and windows, sealing is very important. At present, the bottom wheel of some brands of sliding doors in the market is external, so the position of the bottom wheel should be reserved when the two doors slide, which will make the gap between the doors very large, and the tightness cannot meet the specified standard. The humidity in the Pearl River Delta is large, so the tightness is particularly important

next, it depends on the quality of the wheel bottom of the sliding door in the bathroom. Only the bottom wheel with super large bearing capacity can ensure good sliding effect and extraordinary service life. The bottom wheel with small load-bearing capacity is generally only suitable for making sliding doors with small size and thin door plate. The bottom wheel of imported high-quality brand, with 180 kg load-bearing capacity and built-in bearings, is suitable for making sliding doors of any size. At the same time, it has a special shockproof device of the bottom wheel, which can make the bottom wheel able to cope with the ground under various conditions

the above is an individual introduction to the bathroom sliding door. The bathroom sliding door is very suitable for the bathroom design of small space. Such design can not only meet the use of space, but also facilitate the activities and use of other spaces




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