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"When hiring people, the owner is God, but once you work, the owner becomes a" wronged boss ". This is the helpless emotion of many owners. Xiaobian saw the complaint post of Ms. Zhou, who lives in Hankou, at the Wuhan Decoration Forum Ms. Zhou's house was half finished. She sighed that the "water" in the home decoration industry was too deep to prevent. Many owners who have experienced decoration are also exhausted by the "hidden rules" of home decoration

inadvertently, Ms. Zhou was asked by her acquaintances to find a construction team (that is, the "guerrillas" on the road). Because she was not familiar with the home decoration market in Wuhan, the foreman accompanied Ms. Zhou to buy decoration materials. After visiting several markets, the foreman said that the quality was not good and durable. Seeing a wide range of building materials, Ms. Zhou fainted. Finally, under the guidance of the contractor, Ms. Zhou bought floor tiles and ordered plates in a shop. I thought there was an expert introduction and bought a "preferential price". Who knows, when Ms. Zhou inquired in other stores, the price of the materials she bought was 20% higher than that of others. A salesperson revealed the inside story: decorators who engage in decoration all year round are inextricably linked with the sales points of home decoration materials. Decorators introduce business to building materials sellers and charge a commission. For some large items, the Commission is about 10% to 30%, and there are fourorfive less. It has become a "hidden rule" for the decoration industry to introduce the owners to buy materials and get a commission from them

the water and electricity pipelines were "smoothly" taken

coincidentally, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Hanyang, has just completed the decoration of a house. His family has a total of 140 square meters, and the wires are rearranged. The water and electricity workers opened 13 coils of lines. For the first time, Mr. Zhang did not doubt that he had bought the pipeline. When the decoration was completed, Mr. Zhang inadvertently found that the water and electricity pipelines of other people's houses were nearly half less than his own, and there was no leftover wire. Mr. Zhang specially asked a knowledgeable person for advice. The expert told Mr. Zhang that he couldn't use so many wires for his hydropower transformation, and the surplus must be "shunzou" by the workers

Mr. Zhang is also busy at work on weekdays and has no time to supervise the work. He said that he didn't see the replaced wires. Experts said that they might also be sold as waste products by hydropower workers. What he is most worried about now is that the water electrician cut corners, whether to change the line, and whether it is the high-quality wire he bought. It is unknown. In the interview, Xiaobian found that some hardware, paint and coatings are easily taken away by decorators

cheat the owner by cutting corners

Ms. Li repeatedly stressed that the wall should be painted three times in the painting process to prevent uneven color. After painting the wall, Ms. Li felt that the wall was uneven and uneven, and her heart was suspicious. A few days later, the neighbor told Ms. Li that he saw the workers dump her paint. Angry Ms. Li quarreled with the foreman, and finally the foreman promised to paint again. Ms. Li felt a little aggrieved, lost money and wasted materials

when settling wages, the decoration workers' accounting area will also be falsely reported. It is not obvious to calculate more at each place, and a lot of wages will be added at several places

at present, Wuhan decoration company is mixed, and it is really not easy to choose a better decoration company The overwhelming "hidden rules" of home decoration made the owners shout tiring and tiring. Many owners who have experience in decoration said that when buying a house again, they should consider the "second-hand house" or hardbound house with good decoration, so as to avoid "fighting wits and courage" with the decorators. These owners have also accumulated a lot of experience. For example, they can go to Wuhan home decoration network to participate in the "decoration bidding", choose a decoration company with good reputation, sign a standardized contract, consult experts more, go more and compare prices, and know the prices of main materials and auxiliary materials well





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