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Buying cabinets is really a very particular thing. You can't be careless about cabinets and countertops. Want to consult, what kind of board is used for the cabinet? Particleboard or density board? Is there any other choice?

buying a cabinet is really a very particular thing, and the cabinet body and table top can't be sloppy. Want to consult, what kind of board is used for the cabinet? Particleboard or density board? Are there any other options

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1. Particleboard is made by pressing sawdust, branches and so on. Its advantage is low cost, but its disadvantage is that it contains substances harmful to human body &mdash& mdash; Formaldehyde

2. Density board is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers with adhesives. It is divided into high-density board, medium density board and low-density board. The advantages of density board are impact resistance and high strength, while the disadvantages are poor waterproof

3. The moisture-proof board adopts the processing technology of particleboard, and the adhesive is changed into a green waterproof and environmental friendly adhesive, which has the advantage of good waterproof performance

4. Fireproof board is a decorative board made of silicon or calcium materials, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, adhesives and chemical additives, and autoclaved. The advantage is that it can prevent fire, but the disadvantage is that the price is high

5. Melamine board is made by soaking paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, drying to a certain degree of curing, paving it on the surface of particleboard and density board, and hot pressing

it is best to buy materials with good water resistance for cabinets, mainly those with countertops and low countertops

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