Hot water into oil and green paint into hot spots

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"Water in and oil out" and "green" coatings have become hot spots

"water in and oil out" and "green" coatings have become hot spots

January 9, 2018

[China coatings information]

the penetration of international famous coating companies into Chinese Mainland and surrounding markets has seriously threatened the development of local enterprises

in the current paint market, we can find that although the domestic paint industry has achieved rapid development and formed a certain industry scale, there are indeed very few domestic paint brands or enterprises in the domestic high-end paint market. Up to now, the domestic high-end paint market is still dominated by imported brands

in fact, a large number of imported coatings have entered the high-end decoration market to test their fracture strength. The sales network of these domestic operators has played the most critical role. Like a pipeline, they continue to import imported coatings into the homes of high-end owners. Therefore, for domestic coating enterprises, to seize the market share of high-end coating market, the construction of high-end sales network is essential. However, the completion of a sales network can not be completed overnight. Moreover, a mature sales network also requires that all the links between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of the enterprise's own products be fully bribed and smoothly promoted. Although there are still differences between the performance of our [wood plastic] composite flooring and wooden flooring, we should use brands and products as support

at present, China's coating industry is developing in the three directions of environmental protection, economy and high performance, and vigorously developing low content solvent, water-based and solvent-free, powder and UV curing coatings. For the process of environmental protection of coatings, people mostly talk about water-based technology, but pay less attention to the development of high solid content coatings and uv/eb coating technology. Some experts point out that water-based technology is in the civil market, In particular, the advantages in the field of decorative coatings are very obvious

at present, the proportion of environmental protection coatings in China, including water-based coatings, powder coatings, high solid content coatings and radiation curing coatings, has increased significantly, while the proportion of similar products in North America, Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries has accounted for about 80%, and the development prospect of domestic environmental protection coatings is considerable

there are two main types of "green" coatings. The first category is "healthy" coatings, such as water-based coatings, high solid coatings and powder coatings. Such coatings have no VOC (organic volatile substances) or little VOC, and do little harm to the health of consumers; The other is energy-saving coatings, such as building thermal insulation coatings, which can achieve energy-saving effect. With consumers' increasing attention to the health and safety of coating products and the introduction of energy-saving and emission reduction policies, China's "green" coating market is expected to reduce the scrap rate and realize real return and accelerate growth

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