Hot stamping technology and hot stamping equipment

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From the perspective of hot stamping technology, hot stamping equipment (III)

2. Suitable for large-area hot stamping

when hot stamping large-area anodized aluminum (truthfully, through plate lines), the round pressing hot stamping method is also better than the flat pressing hot stamping method. Because the line contact method with flat circular hardness is easier to peel off the anodized aluminum and completely eliminate the air, it effectively solves the phenomena of false hot stamping and plate pasting that often occur in the flat press hot stamping

in order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and improving the added value of commodities, most products in modern hot stamping are registration hot stamping, and the accuracy requirements are very high. The MK series circular press stamping machine of Youheng company is improved on the basis of the original Heidelberg embossing machine. With the help of the superior performance of the world's excellent printing machine, after thorough renovation, the repeated hot stamping accuracy can meet the requirements of four-color printing, so it provides a strong guarantee for hot stamping, and the repeated hot stamping accuracy can reach within plus or minus 0.02mm. However, if such equipment is not completely renovated, it is difficult to meet such accuracy requirements

although the flat press bronzing machine has great difficulties in solving the problem of hot stamping accuracy, it has a fast hot stamping speed and is suitable for processing large quantities of long version activities

at present, the domestic flat press and hot stamping equipment is limited by the material and heat treatment process, and the accuracy of secondary repeated overprint needs to be improved; The high-precision boster bronzing machine is expensive. Therefore, based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, key materials and components, Youheng company has launched the flat press hot stamping machine. The secondary hot stamping accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.085mm, which basically meets the customer's requirements for overprint. At the same time, it has overcome the low-speed problem of the circular press hot stamping machine, and the maximum hot stamping speed can reach 5000 sheets/hour

the above are the advantages and disadvantages of the flat press bronzing machine and the round press bronzing machine in the hot stamping of thick paper. The advantages and disadvantages of printing should be selected when ironing thin paper. When the thin paper is ironed, the round press bronzing machine should be selected. Because the flat press equipment is limited by the structure, it is difficult to control the paper running stability of the thin paper in operation. In mass production, the flat press equipment will be used to hot stamp the thin paper, which will be sketched into a large scrap rate, thus offsetting the high speed, and the gain is not worth the loss

II. One time completion of hot stamping and embossing

in fact, as early as the early 1980s, many manufacturers in China made an attempt to complete hot stamping and embossing, but the process only remained at the level of low precision embossing in the blank. In recent years, more and more manufacturers require to complete the set ironing on the products at the last time, and require that the images and texts with obvious concave and convex should be printed. The key to this process lies in plate making. After the common hot stamping plate is corroded, the image and text part is a right angle line, while the hot stamping and embossing one-time forming hot stamping plate requires that the image and text part is a small panel with rounded corners, and the control system has not reached the expected application effect line. Therefore, the hot stamping plate used for hot stamping and embossing one-time forming should be subject to secondary treatment after corrosion. However, the number of domestic artists proficient in this process has decreased year by year, which limits this process. As a last resort, many manufacturers had to go abroad to make plates. Kurtz company, a well-known plate making company in foreign countries, uses advanced electric engraving method to produce hot stamping. The hot stamping plate with one-time forming of concave convex has high precision. Although the price is expensive, the hot stamping effect is very exquisite

when selecting equipment for this process, we must select a hot stamping machine with high precision, because this process requires two concave convex templates. Once the machine precision is not enough, the punch will be damaged. Although the precision of the round press and hot stamping equipment is high, it is difficult to operate. Special attention should be paid to the thickness of the drum lining and the height of the lower plate table to ensure that the central line speed of the equipment is consistent, otherwise the plate will be caught up due to the inconsistent linear speed. Because of the accuracy of most flat pressing and stamping machines, the position of the plate will change after the second edition, which is also easy to cause damage to the punch. The MK series A-type circular pressing and bronzing machine newly launched by Youheng company adopts a patented lifting table device, which effectively solves the above problems. At present, it is being promoted. If you use the constant flattening bronzing machine, the operation will be more convenient than the round flattening bronzing machine. However, no matter what equipment is used in this process, it needs careful adjustment

III. holographic hot stamping 1. Conventional electronic universal material experimental machine printing

laser full hot stamping technology is a new type of laser anti-counterfeiting technology. It has been only a few years since its inception, but it has been widely used abroad, mainly for anti-counterfeiting of various tickets, credit cards, passports, banknotes, trademarks, packaging, etc. According to the characteristics of hologram hot stamping logo, holographic hot stamping can be divided into continuous pattern hot stamping and independent trademark hot stamping

since the holographic signs are regularly and continuously arranged on the anodized aluminum, several words or patterns are used as a whole during each hot stamping to the final product, so there is no high requirement on the hot stamping accuracy. Such hot stamping does not have high requirements on the equipment, and can be completed by the general hot stamping equipment. There are many differences between the selection of equipment and the general anodized aluminum hot stamping. The only difference is that the manufacturing process of this kind of anodized aluminum is not easy to master, And the equipment investment is high. Frontier holographic logo hot stamping is a new generation product of ordinary laser holographic hot stamping (Note: ordinary laser holographic technology is mostly used for self-adhesive labels at present)

3. Independent pattern holographic logo hot stamping

in order to make holographic logo hot stamping have a good anti-counterfeiting effect, most of the high-end products face difficulties in using independent pattern holographic logo: at present, hot stamping, that is, the holographic logo on the electrochemical aluminum is made into independent commercial logo patterns, and each pattern has a corresponding mark, which puts forward higher requirements for the function and accuracy of the hot stamping equipment, The equipment is required to be equipped with a positioning identification system, and the positioning hot stamping accuracy is required to be within plus or minus 0.5mm. Otherwise, the standard high-level pattern deliberately designed by the manufacturer will have incomplete hot stamping or bias, so as to achieve the effect of preventing counterfeiting and increasing the added value of the packaging. As the independent pattern holographic logo hot stamping has the characteristics of intuitiveness and high technical difficulty, so far, it is the best packaging anti-counterfeiting means

both forms of hot stamping equipment of Youheng company have taken the lead in introducing this technology in China. After several improvements, the alignment hot stamping accuracy can reach within plus or minus 0.22mm. It is a mature product among domestic equipment. When selecting the hot stamping machine of Youheng company, only the size of hot stamping area needs to be considered in equipment selection. If the holographic logo is hot stamped on small boxes such as cigarette labels, the flat pressing and hot stamping equipment shall be selected. The national gray pingfen flat hot stamping speed can reach 4000-5000 pieces/hour, and can meet the needs of small box printing area; If the hologram with a large area is hot stamped on the strip box, and the surface pressure is required, and the temperature should not be too high, the circular flattening hot stamping equipment should be selected, such as the "Lotus king" cigarette strip box

to sum up, with the continuous development of hot stamping technology, the demand for hot stamping equipment is also increasing. However, both circular press hot stamping and flat press hot stamping have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both today and in the future, they will have their advantages to play. Just like offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and silk screen printing, no one can replace the other, But they are improving with the development of hot stamping technology to meet the special needs of different products

as the only manufacturer in China that produces two kinds of bronzing machines with "poof" and "poof" messages on the oil return pipe of oil delivery valve, the requirements for local manufacturing of bronzing machines are the same as those of international famous bronzing machine manufacturers boster and stora. They have very strict requirements on host material, electrothermal control system and professional electrochemical aluminum foil pulling control system, and have moved towards industrialization and personalized production. While considering the quality and safety of its own products, it also considers the convenience of operation and the universality of internationalization. When helping customers select models, it also reflects its degree of specialization and excellent professional ethics. (end)

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