Hot vacuum packaging of the hottest stuffing

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Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the product quality. With the expansion of production capacity, the filling quality, the total number of colonies and the basic shelf life of the enterprise have become the focus of the baking industry. Therefore, the stuffing manufacturers have to find a solution to improve the stuffing quality

in the filling production process, considering the need to reduce production costs and improve product quality, the filling packaging process has become the most important part. This is the reason why Changzhou Dejia food machinery factory has been committed to the hot vacuum packaging of stuffing

set the goal to reduce production costs and improve filling quality. The factory has achieved success in continuous research and development, and is fulfilling its mission in a large number of filling manufacturers. These machines have reached 1.5 tons/hour of hot vacuum packaging output

traditional production process

stuffing out of the pot → first cooling → manual filling → vacuum packaging → shaping and flattening → high temperature sterilization → second cooling → drying or blowing → finished product

in the above production process, the first cooling process is a bacterial pollution process, and manual filling increases the chance of bacterial pollution. In order to avoid the expansion and deterioration of the product as far as possible, the common practice is to carry out high-temperature sterilization. For this item alone, about 50000 to 100000 yuan will be spent each quarter, which does not include the equipment input cost for initial cooling and sterilization

the complicated production process greatly lengthens the production cycle, and the filling is completed from the pot to the packaging. At least 12 hours, or even 24 hours. Moreover, the high production cost does not mean the improvement of stuffing quality. Rongsha and fruit stuffing are mainly used in the pressure and explosion test machine for heat exchange equipment such as heater, cooler, evaporator, condenser, etc. during the pressure and explosion sterilization process, the problems such as discoloration, excessive colony count, bulging, return of goods, etc. afflict the manufacturer all the time

solution of Dejia food machinery

(1) filling machine is used for filling high temperature filling

quantitative high temperature filling to speed up the filling speed and solve the problems of manual filling pollution and inaccessibility under high temperature

(2) hot vacuum packaging above 85 ℃

avoid filling cooling, so that bacteria cannot reproduce. 5 bags each time, 5kg each bag, and complete vacuum packaging within 60 seconds

(3) after vacuumizing at high temperature, the variable color stuffing is put into water for cooling.

according to the tests conducted by Dejia food machinery factory and the manufacturer, the change of color and temperature of the stuffing is avoided, and the stuffing quality is improved

(4) after cooling, use a dryer to dry the package. For details, see Table 2 for the moisture on the surface of the bag, and then the package can be packed

production process:

stuffing out of the pot → high temperature filling → high temperature vacuum pumping → shaping and flattening → cooling (optional) → drying → finished products

from the above process, we can see that there are no links that may affect the filling quality. In the whole production process, the whole packaging process is completed without manual contact and stuffing at high temperature. According to the tests made by us and the manufacturer, the total bacterial count of the stuffing can be less than 10 after hot vacuum packaging, and the storage period at room temperature can be more than 24 months. Not only that, because the cooling and sterilization processes are reduced, the possibility of investing in equipment and increasing sterilization costs in the traditional production process is completely avoided

it is worth mentioning that due to the change of the process, it takes only 20 ~ 40 minutes for the stuffing to be discharged from the pot to packed. Undoubtedly, this will increase the chips for the manufacturers to adjust product varieties in time, reduce inventory pressure, and speed up the delivery speed with computer automatic processing function and experimental curve display at the peak of production

the development of Dejia food machinery is endless. With the purpose of technological innovation and "providing you with better equipment", Dejia food machinery not only has national patents and a large number of patent applications, but also will continue to improve equipment performance and develop better applicable new products

the vacuum packaging equipment that has been successfully developed includes:

stuffing hot vacuum packaging production line:

vertical hot vacuum packaging machine:

vertical seafood vacuum packaging machine

box vacuum packaging machine, etc

in addition, the series of products developed and designed by the factory, such as cooking pots, full-automatic vacuum packaging machines, and full-automatic modified atmosphere packaging machines, have obtained national patents. The full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and adlas vacuum pump. The equipment has reached the international advanced level. The production efficiency is 15 times that of domestic products, which shortens the packaging time, improves the quality of packaged products and reduces the production cost of food

source: China Vacuum

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