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Red Star machine expert talks about how to do a good job of dedusting ball mill

Red Star machine expert talks about how to do a good job of dedusting ball mill

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ball mill, as a key equipment in the grinding operation, is also an essential grinding process in the beneficiation production line. The generation of dust is also a very big problem in its operation. To solve this problem, red star experts have given a solution

it is very necessary to equip the ball mill with dust removal equipment, which is an effective means until it is normal. Dust not only affects the working environment of the ball mill, but also endangers the health of operators. As the last process of ball mill grinding, the effect of dust removal will directly affect the overall effect of this grinding operation

it is understood that the traditional ball mill equipment is equipped with primary dust removal devices, and its dust removal effect can only reach about 60%. From the perspective of environmental protection, such dust removal effect can not satisfy the enterprise

with the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the dust removal effect has attracted more and more attention of enterprises. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the dust removal effect of ball mills and equip ball mill equipment with secondary dust removal

which type of dust collector will do harm to the development of the industry but not benefit? After many studies and tests, red star machine has decided to use cyclone as the primary dedusting device and water dedusting as the secondary dedusting device. After this measure was used, the effect was immediate. The dust removal effect of ball mill equipment increased from the traditional 60% to about 94%

after the ball mill adopts two-stage dust removal, a large amount of dust substances are continuously recovered, which improves the working environment of the equipment and reduces the work of handling dust. However, when the ball mill adopts two-stage dust removal, there are still some matters needing attention to promote the construction of the national new raw material base in Liaoning

first, the flashing valve at the lower part of the ash hopper of the group cyclone should be sealed to ensure that there is no air leakage. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the efficiency of dust removal. Second, we should take thermal insulation measures for the group cyclone dust remover to avoid condensate inside the dust remover affecting the dust removal effect of the equipment

the secondary dust removal equipment for the ball mill is not only to solve the operating environment of the equipment, but also to improve the production efficiency and better tomorrow of the enterprise. After all, in today's environmental protection era, Pott was responsible for the personnel affairs of Bayer's board of directors in 2002 (2) and 2013. It is difficult for the enterprise to develop for a long time if it fails to do a good job in production and environmental protection

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