Three nodes of the most popular network marketing

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The three nodes of network marketing

network marketing, especially intelligent manufacturing and interconnection + are basically divided into three links: the first station construction; Second, network promotion; Third network transaction. These three links balance and support each other. If you want to reach Jiang Taigong fishing -- what should you do if you are willing to take the bait? We must design our own station, use appropriate means to promote the network, and select appropriate products for trading. The three are linked to each other

network marketing is to do business on Internet, including product information release, brand communication, product promotion, customer discovery, transaction promotion, customer service, market research, etc. Network marketing has three characteristics: first, there is no national market; Second, 24-hour service in 7 days; Third, a fair and free competitive environment. Internet is a virtual transaction. There is an old saying of Internet that big dogs and small dogs bark on the Internet

in traditional marketing, enterprises have their own appearance and beautiful buildings, and there is no Internet. That is to say, in terms of Internet, large, medium and small enterprises are all in the same starting line. In this way, the design of internet station is the most critical. How customers know the enterprise is through the station. Whether the station is designed elaborately and commercialized will affect the customers' perception. At this time, the focus of marketing has shifted. The tradition is that I invite customers to dinner or visit the factory. Of course, it is unrealistic to invite an American customer to visit the factory, so now it is time to invite customers to visit your station. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this fair and free competitive environment is an opportunity to compete with big dogs

Internet service is a consumer led service model. The company will speed up the expansion of new material business, establish a direct communication channel with dealers and customers, and provide characteristic services according to customers' requirements. In other words, network marketing and traditional marketing are actually a passive and active problem. For traditional marketing, we have our salesperson carrying our products behind our backs, Knock door to door, advertise, etc

the biggest problem with this marketing method is that people refuse to let you in. Network marketing is to do a good job in the station, do it beautifully, and reach Jiang Taigong's fishing -- those who wish to take the bait! I'm waiting at home for an order. This is the biggest difference between traditional marketing and Internet marketing. One is passive and the other is active

while many enterprises have the courage to practice and try, they have also exposed the following problems:

there is no clear purpose and strategy before network promotion

blindly following the trend and following others in the network boom, and there is no established clear goal and clear strategy, which finally leads to a waste of a lot of human and material resources

build stations for the purpose of building stations

some enterprises pursue forms and do not build stations based on marketing. The station uses a lot of pictures, flash and other elements, which looks fancy, but there is little effective product information, and important information such as enterprise contact information is also difficult to find. Such a station is completely putting the cart before the horse, with high cost and poor effect. There are a large number of such enterprises. The data shows that as high as 74.3% of enterprise stations can not effectively attract potential customers

attach importance to construction and ignore promotion

many enterprises believe that "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", and the station without promotion is like an island in the sea of information, no one knows its existence, let alone whether it will bring any return

don't know how to judge the effect of network promotion

many enterprises simply don't know how to evaluate (3) effectively strengthen the guidance and supervision evaluation, and there is no tool to evaluate or no special person to evaluate

blindly choose the network marketing method that is not suitable for you

there is no scientific selection method, but only blindly select the model according to the reputation of the service provider or only the superficial price

these shocking problems make the network marketing efforts of many enterprises have little effect, and they have not obtained any economic benefits, and the hard-working human, material and financial resources have been wasted. Some enterprises are even frustrated and lose confidence in network marketing

to avoid these misunderstandings, the most important thing is to establish a correct marketing concept and master the correct practical methods. The practice of network marketing is based on the correct concept of network marketing, and the process of achieving the ultimate goal by adopting marketing strategies suitable for the enterprise itself. (end)

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