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Discussion on improving the packaging quality of chemical dangerous goods

at present, the packaging quality of chemical dangerous goods in China is still low, and the packaging damage is still quite serious. The direct losses caused by explosion, fire, poison and corrosion accidents caused by packaging damage every year reach millions of yuan. In recent years, claims for cargo shortage, leakage and contamination caused by the cracking, jumping and scattering of packaging containers of foreign trade export dangerous goods have also increased year by year, and the amount of such claims far exceeds the loss of dangerous goods themselves

it should be noted that the low quality of packaging. 4. With isokinetic stress, isokinetic strain, isokinetic displacement, tensile control, program editor and other control methods, it is extremely unfavorable to production, people's life or the development of foreign trade. At the same time, it should also be noted that with the development of industrial and agricultural production and the level of science and technology. The variety and scope of use of dangerous chemicals will be expanded, and the storage and transportation tasks of dangerous chemicals will also be increased by commercial and foreign trade departments. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term interests, improving the packaging quality of dangerous chemicals is an urgent problem to be solved

first, ways to improve the packaging quality of dangerous chemicals

there are many reasons for the low packaging quality of dangerous chemicals, so improving the packaging quality of dangerous chemicals should also start from many aspects:

1 We should vigorously publicize the significance of the packaging of dangerous chemicals, so that people can improve their understanding ideologically

China has implemented a planned economy for a long time. Commodity packaging, which is part of the market, is in a position of being excluded and ignored. Many enterprise leaders have insufficient understanding of commodity packaging and are accustomed to bad packaging, and this ideological contempt will often be made in actual work, but will more penetrate into high-end products, resulting in unexpected consequences. A few consecutive export carbide explosion accidents in the foreign trade department in previous years are an example. To improve the packaging quality of dangerous chemicals, we must first improve the quality awareness of enterprise personnel, so that they realize that poor packaging quality will cause undue losses to the country. At the same time, under the condition of fierce market competition, it will also affect the output and sales, and damage the reputation of enterprises. The accident tells us that in order to change the current packaging situation of dangerous chemicals, we must first solve people's ideological understanding. Only when we pay attention to it ideologically can we improve technology

2. Find out the reasons from the packaging technology and improve it to improve the packaging quality

(1) packaging materials:

at present, many packaging materials are poor and can not meet the standard requirements, especially wooden cases. The material problem of cartons is more prominent. Some wooden cases are made of rotten wood, which are not only not firm, but also can not meet the basic strength. For example, a certain station investigated and used products: rubber, plastic, film, medium strength metal, sintered products, friction materials, fibers and thin wires, adhesives, foam materials, tapes, elastomers Connectors, biological materials, wood products and paper products, metal foil, metal wire, oil bearing, ceramics, parts and components, fasteners, composite materials, etc. in a batch of lattice wooden boxes and 250 boxes containing metal pulp, more than 20 boxes were seriously scattered due to poor materials, accounting for 8% of the total. Corrugated boxes failed to meet the requirements due to poor paper strength and moisture resistance. So the damage is serious in the humid South. Therefore, to improve the packaging quality, we must start with the material, strictly control the packaging material, and select qualified materials for packaging. At present, the packaging materials of dangerous chemicals include metal barrels, plastic barrels, gunny bags, plastic woven bags, etc., among which metal barrels include iron barrels, toilet iron barrels, iron plastic barrels and other packaging properties are different, and the packaged goods are also quite complex. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate packaging materials according to the flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and other characteristics of dangerous chemicals to prevent accidents due to improper materials

(2) packaging design and manufacturing process

whether the packaging design and manufacturing process are appropriate plays no less important role than the requirements for packaging materials. Although some wooden cases are made of good materials, due to design errors, such as no baffle is designed outside the side plate of the box, the box is still scattered or damaged due to the stacking and collision of goods during transportation; Some cartons are not designed to match the contents, and the contents are damaged due to collision after packing. This is particularly prominent in the manufacture of metal containers. At present, the problems in the manufacturing of metal containers are the lax welding and sealing in the manufacturing process and the poor quality of internal coating. At present, with the efforts of all parties concerned, mechanical welding has been used to replace manual welding in the production of packaging barrels, and the advanced arc crimping technology has increasingly become adopted by packaging manufacturers, and the packaging design has also been greatly improved

(3) packaging method

while the design process of packaging materials meets the requirements, the packaging method should also be reasonable to make the packaging function normally. For example, some packaging bags have good materials, but due to improper packaging methods, the bags are damaged due to excessive inflation and pressure after sealing. In addition, the product packaging is too full, which is also easy to cause damage to the packaging, so the packaging method should not be ignored

3. We will continue to strengthen the inspection of hazardous chemical packaging, formulate corresponding standards, and promote the improvement of the quality of hazardous chemical packaging

since the commodity packaging inspection, the commodity inspection department has completed more than 40000 batches of export dangerous goods packaging inspection, and 1400 unqualified batches have been detected, so that 1600 hidden dangers of accidents have been eliminated in time, so as to prevent accidents

in order to make all parties involved in industry and trade inspection have laws to follow and urge enterprises to consciously improve the packaging quality, we should improve the general standards and test standards for the packaging types of chemical dangerous goods in China as soon as possible so that manufacturers can follow them. In addition, various transportation methods (railway, highway, water transportation, aviation) should put forward more specific requirements for dangerous goods according to the characteristics of transportation methods, so as to form a mutually supporting cargo packaging series. In addition to formulating standards, legislation should be strengthened to strengthen quality management, so that the management of chemical dangerous goods packaging has rules to follow and laws to follow

III. The development direction of China's chemical dangerous goods packaging

China's chemical dangerous goods packaging should develop towards containerization. Hazardous chemicals are flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, polluting the environment and threatening human health. The use of collective packaging for containerized transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations can help reduce the harm of hazardous chemicals to people and the pollution to the environment, and ensure the safety of goods

in addition, containerized packaging can not only effectively protect goods, but also make up for the shortcomings of packaging itself. The combination of collective packaging and advanced mechanized operation, especially the implementation of "door-to-door" container transportation, is an effective measure to comprehensively control package damage. For example, in the drop test of paint packaging exported from Shanghai, there has been no bump in the packaging after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, and some of them have leaked paint, causing pollution. After using containerized transportation, the customer reported that all the paint was intact and no leakage was found during unloading

adopt set 4 Each length Pneumatic unit The dynamic exchange of display digits and packaging can also save packaging costs, reduce packaging costs and promote external sales. Standardize, standardize and serialize the packaging of dangerous goods

at present, developed countries and regions in the world adopt integrated packaging and transportation. In order to adapt to the development trend and connect with the world, we should vigorously develop collective packaging and transportation

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