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Talking about inflatable packaging

inflatable packaging is the packaging method of filling specific gases into the packaging container. Specifically, the packaging container is vacuumed first, and then specific gas is filled and sealed

experiments show that fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods that are constantly metabolized need to consume self-contained nutrients during storage, resulting in cell aging, quality reduction, and finally decay. In order to maintain their freshness for a long time, their metabolism must be controlled. If a mixture of high carbon dioxide, low oxygen and an appropriate amount of nitrogen is filled into the packaging container according to different foods, their metabolism can be controlled. Because carbon dioxide has the function of inhibiting food metabolism, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold, and reducing pH value, it can prevent food decay and prolong the aging period of food; Although oxidation is necessary for many foods, especially in the preservation of meat, it is essential to preserve the original freshness and fresh appearance, but it is easy to deteriorate food, and reducing the content of oxygen can reduce the adverse effects on food; Nitrogen is an inactive inert gas, which, unlike carbon dioxide and oxygen, has little effect on food. However, an appropriate amount of nitrogen can offset the pressure received when a vacuum occurs in the packaging container, and can prevent food from being crushed

then, what proportion of mixed gas of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen should be filled into the packaging container for inflatable packaging? Some foreign experiments show that different foods need to add different proportions of mixed gases. This is because different foods have different metabolic rates. Moreover, the meaning of inflatable packaging is not only to fill the packaging with an appropriate proportion of mixed gas, but also to keep the proportion of this mixed gas unchanged, otherwise it will not have the desired effect. Due to the interaction between the mixed gases themselves and the role of food metabolism, the gas in the packaging container is constantly changing, which requires a special packaging container that can absorb the required gas and release excess gas to constantly adjust the proportion of the mixed gas without change. For example, the common packaging material for fresh vegetables is a single-layer film made of vinyl acetate and low-density polyethylene. This material has the special function of emitting carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen. By using it to pack fresh vegetables, the mixed gas in the container can be continuously adjusted to keep the original proportion unchanged

inflatable packaging has a very wide range of functions, which can be used for the preservation of roasted foods such as livestock meat, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, bread, etc., and can be used to grow suitable materials: rubber, plastic, film, adhesive, steel bar, glass, touch screen, textile, waterproof materials, wires and cables, rope, wire, metal bar, metal plate and other photovoltaic materials, as well as the clothing industry to maintain the color, aroma, taste Nutrition and fresh appearance. The effect is better if the food is refrigerated and stored after inflatable packaging. Compared with the storage with inflatable packaging alone, the storage life of food can be greatly extended. Therefore, inflatable packaging is widely favored by consumers, producers and processors. There are nine combinations of them

however, there are still some problems unsolved in inflatable packaging at present. First of all, inflatable packaging must use a specific proportion of mixed gas as preservation agent, and use specific packaging materials and packaging machines for packaging. Therefore, the cost is too high, and it can only be used for the packaging and preservation of medium and high-end food at present. Secondly, the requirements for packaging materials are too strict, the cost is too high, and it is not easy to obtain. At present, the commonly used two-component extruded oxygen barrier materials are not suitable for inflatable packaging, and few materials for inflatable packaging have been developed

inflatable packaging, as a new type of packaging, has been basically popularized in Europe, and has also been promoted in the United States and other countries. According to foreign predictions, due to the extensive use of inflatable packaging 4) durability measurement and advantages, the number of inflatable packaging will exceed the sum of sterile packaging and distillation packaging in the 21st century

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