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Shanghai discusses how to make printing more environmentally friendly

sponsored by Shanghai Printing Industry Association, National Association of printing, publishing and paper processing technology suppliers (NPES), Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai Environmental Science Society, Shanghai printing (Group) company, Shanghai printing refresh technology (Group) company, Shanghai Meihu printing refresh Technology Co., Ltd. "at present, the third printing and Environmental Protection Forum organized by printing magazine of Shanghai Institute of printing technology was held in Shanghai on September 26.

according to the American Printing Industry Association/printing technology foundation (pia/gatf) The latest research found that: usually, up to 20% of the printing ink in the printing process has never been transferred to paper and other printing media. The waste ink produced in the process of printing production, together with cleaning solvent, light sensor treatment fluid, lubricating oil, plate coating, etc., constitutes one of the three major wastes of the printing industry (the other two are solid waste and waste gas), which not only causes a large amount of waste of ink, but also causes a great degree of pollution to the environment

Wang Bing, director of Kodak Greater China, Sam Doyle, vice president of the equipment sales department of Pamarco global map, Sam Doyle, vice president of the equipment sales department of the company, Albert ulemayr, President of hivigra printing equipment Co., Ltd., and other new energy experts at home and abroad worked with the participants to focus on the coordinated development of the printing industry and the environment, Let printing be more environmentally friendly and make life better

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