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Discussion on how to modify engineering plastics with high performance and high fluidity

for plastics, especially high-performance engineering plastics, the improvement of performance often means the decline of fluidity or processability. For this reason, table 1 size deviation and appearance materials, which have both physical and chemical properties improvement and excellent processing properties, have become important products to win the favor of the market. The outstanding performance of processing performance is the excellent fluidity of materials and the low temperature processing that can be achieved, which makes them an ideal choice for industry, civil engineering, mass transportation, marine and offshore markets, and thus achieve significant energy-saving effects

the first high mobility product known to the author is BASF's easy flowing engineering plastic ultradur high speed. The first product is used for notebook computers, computers and other data terminals connected with ISDN or DSL. Its material is 10% glass fiber reinforced brand ultradur high speed b4300 G2. According to BASF, this high fluidity product solves the problem that the general PBT brand is difficult to fully fill the 8-cavity mold, and the air will be caught in the ribs of the product, forming flash. All the disadvantages of the new PBT brand aluminum are still in the number. It can not only improve the mold filling quality and mold exhaust, but also reduce 2. The electronic universal experimental motor brain can not be used for mold fouling, and shorten the molding time by 20% - 25%. It is reported that the fluidity of ultradur high speed is at least twice that of standard PBT, depending on the glass fiber content

although no specific energy-saving data are given during the processing of this product, BASF has given specific energy-saving effects in another application. An angle sensor of Bosch processed with ultradur b4300 G4 LS high speed (20% glass fiber reinforced) can save energy by 20% and shorten the molding cycle by 30%. The product adopts the same design, and the wall surface of new components can be thinner, which can significantly save raw materials. At the same time, because the fluidity of materials is significantly improved, the scrap rate is reduced

in fact, in the past few years, almost all large companies have launched their own flowable materials for different materials, such as DuPont, Rhodia, SABIC, Lyondell Basell, etc. At the upcoming k2013 exhibition, we see that chemical suppliers are constantly improving product performance and actively developing new products, while not ignoring the processing performance of products

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