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Brief discussion on how the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the petroleum group face the 21st century

the situation of oil supply and demand and the direction of Technological Development in the early 21st century. According to experts' prediction, the world's oil supply and demand will be basically balanced in the first 10 years of the 21st century, but the supply will slightly exceed the demand. Therefore, under normal circumstances, oil prices will slowly rise on the basis of low prices, but will not exceed $21/barrel. From 2010 to 2030, oil supply will continue to grow at a rate similar to population growth, while oil prices will continue to rise. In terms of technological progress, exploration, drilling, enhanced oil recovery, deep processing of oil refining, deep-sea oil and gas gathering and transportation, and natural gas processing and utilization will all have rapid development. In short, in the future, increasing oil production and reducing costs will mainly rely on scientific and technological progress and upgrading equipment

with the development of China's national economy and the enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection with 20V as the standard voltage, the demand for oil and the proportion of oil in the energy consumption structure will increase rapidly in the coming period. By 2010, if China's oil (including natural gas) supply can reach the expected 390 million tons of oil equivalent or the expected 450 million tons of oil equivalent, the proportion of oil in the energy consumption structure will rise to 27% or 31.3%; By 2020 and 2030, even according to the estimation of low energy consumption, the demand for oil will increase by about 30% and 70% respectively on the above base. However, from a strategic perspective, the growth rate of domestic crude oil will not be very fast, while the production of natural gas may increase rapidly. The insufficient part will be balanced by the share obtained in international cooperation and imported crude oil and natural gas. In terms of technology, in addition to keeping pace with international technological development, it is expected that there will be greater development in oil and gas storage and transportation and natural gas processing and utilization

it can be seen from the above that the development prospect of China's petroleum equipment manufacturing industry is bright, but the competition will also be fierce. Temporary difficulties and opportunities for oil group equipment manufacturing enterprises the oil equipment manufacturing enterprises subordinate to China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as oil group equipment manufacturing enterprises) are a powerful machinery manufacturing group. These enterprises have made important contributions to the development and technological progress of China's oil industry for decades. However, in recent years, some enterprises have encountered common temporary difficulties during the transformation, such as high production costs, poor sales of products that focus on transforming deformation into electrical parameters, poor capital turnover, and excessive historical burden. To sum up, the reasons for these temporary difficulties are as follows:

(1) nationwide, the production capacity of petroleum equipment has increased too fast, and the market is not standardized enough, resulting in fierce market competition and a significant decline in the share of old petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises in the petroleum equipment market

(2) the growth rate of capacity construction of domestic old oil fields has slowed down, and the order quantity of conventional oil equipment has decreased

(3) the development of marketable new products is not enough, and the cost performance of products is not ideal, so it is difficult to occupy the market

(4) in the past few years, the oil group has achieved a great achievement of one generation, and the stalls of all equipment manufacturing enterprises have been paved large, making it difficult to see the effectiveness of the reform measures of reducing staff and increasing efficiency in the short term

(5) the coordination and communication between enterprises are not enough, causing some undue internal friction in some aspects

(6) effective reform measures such as joint research, market information feedback, and enterprise management system with cost reduction as the core are still in the initial stage of implementation, and the role is not obvious

from the above analysis, it can be seen that the reasons for the temporary difficulties of the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group are mainly due to their insufficient adaptability during the system transformation, in addition to external factors such as the low international oil price and fierce market competition. Therefore, as long as we recognize the situation, seize the opportunity, vigorously reform and work together, the current temporary difficulties will soon become a thing of the past, and the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group will usher in a promising 21st century

first of all, it should be noted that in the early 21st century, China's national economy will continue to develop healthily at a relatively fast growth rate, and the development of the oil industry and scientific and technological progress will also adapt to it. Secondly, the international oil supply will grow slowly on the basis of low oil prices. This trend needs to be realized by scientific and technological progress and equipment upgrading, which will also provide a good opportunity for the development of China's oil equipment manufacturing industry. It should also be noted that as long as efforts are made, the machinery and equipment market with great potential at home and abroad will also provide various opportunities for the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group. Strategically speaking, the development direction of the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group in the coming period should be "based on oil and facing the society". "Based on oil" is obviously beyond doubt. However, is it necessary and possible for the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group to "face the society"? The author believes that the oversupply of domestic oil equipment will continue for a period of time in the future, and it is possible to further increase the excess supply; Expanding the export of petroleum equipment is regarded as a new economic growth point. At present, the technical parameters of temperature change rate provided by foreign environmental experimental equipment manufacturers refer to the whole process average rate. In the long run, it is certainly a development direction, but because the competition in the international market is more intense, it needs an adaptation process. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve obvious results in the short term. However, finding a way out for the excess production capacity of the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group as soon as possible, so as to boost morale and confidence, is a problem that cannot wait for us. As far as its possibility is concerned, it has been mentioned that there is a machinery and equipment market with great potential for the whole society at home and abroad, which has a large capacity and many gaps. With the strength of the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group and the fine tradition of hard work, as long as we can change our ideas, look at the market, work together and coordinate with each other, we will be able to participate in the machinery and equipment market. Therefore, it is not difficult for the equipment manufacturing enterprises of the oil group to "face the society". The key lies in whether the products provided can be innovative and refined, marketable, high quality and low price; And keep your eyes down, and don't do it because of small benefits. The basic idea of this development idea is to gain a firm foothold in the domestic market and seek survival and certain development. At the same time, we will deploy elite and strong generals to conduct in-depth and detailed investigation and Research on the international petroleum equipment market and product trial marketing, and then put greater efforts into the competition in the international petroleum equipment market to achieve greater development

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