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Shenzhen Jingda: discuss how printing machinery equipment manufacturers face

at the press conference of print China 2011 Greater China media Week held at Houjie International Hotel, Dongguan on October 10 and 13, 2010, pan Gaofeng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd., made a wonderful speech at print china2011 media week. The following is the content of the speech:

I. market situation

1. Customer situation: the labor price has decreased, the cost of raw materials and labor costs have increased, and the market competition has intensified

2. The development of digital printing has accelerated: in economically developed regions, the annual growth rate has reached about 20%. According to relevant experts, the market share of digital printing will reach more than 30%

3. The situation of printing machine industry: A. most enterprises compete on medium and low-end products. B. Foreign enterprises occupy most of the market share of the end products that need to be evaluated and formulated for experimental standards. And gradually transfer the production base to China

II. How to face competition

1. Brand strategy, design a set of special device boutique strategy

2. Participating in international competition, precision products have been sold to more than 50 countries abroad. Our products are sold in the United States and Germany, and the sales price is more than 50% higher than that in China

3. Products should be developed in the direction of intelligence, digitization, full automation, energy conservation and green environmental protection. An intelligent and automatic binding linkage line can save 80% of labor and increase the production efficiency by more than three times

4. Strengthen the exhibition and media publicity. Wine is also afraid of deep alleys, so we should strengthen product publicity

(1) participate in exhibitions with international influence. Such as China print and print China, drupa, Germany and other exhibitions. We hope the exhibition will be less and better. It will become an exhibition with world influence. China is now a big printing country, but if we want to become a powerful printing country, we must localize high-end printing equipment. It is impossible to become a military power by purchasing foreign weapons and equipment. Similarly, it is impossible to become a printing power by purchasing foreign printing equipment. The localization of high-end printing equipment requires the efforts of printing machine enterprises. Similarly, it also requires exhibitions such as print China and domestic media to increase the publicity of domestic equipment

(2) our company's preparations for participating in print china2011: A. our company's exhibition area exceeds 1000 square meters. B. We will bring a high-speed intelligent fully automatic binding linkage line with a speed of 12000 copies per hour to the exhibition. The equipment broke the monopoly of foreign countries on high-end binding linkage line. C. We will bring digital printing intelligent linkage binding line to the exhibition, which is synchronized with foreign research and development

5. We will also increase cooperation with major domestic media and expand product publicity. We have long-term cooperation with Huicong, printing industry and other well-known domestic media, and we will carry out closer cooperation with other domestic media

Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of post press binding equipment. Taking the enterprise spirit of excellence and perseverance as the foundation of the company, aiming at the world-class post press equipment, using scientific development concept and strict modern management means, we strive to create and elaborate, and constantly launch high-end post press binding equipment that fully embodies automation, humanization, high efficiency and environmental protection and highlights the characteristics of modern technology and high cost performance to meet domestic and foreign customers. 1 First, consider the need to test the tensile range of materials

users in more than 50 countries and regions around the world are using precision equipment. Every year, dozens of agents and users from all over the world come to visit the factory. They see a precision team with advanced management, rigorous work, fine production and full of vitality. The world's top binding machinery manufacturers also frequently visited to discuss multi-level cooperation. The team adopted bubble film plastic foam bags to pretend to be containers. The excellent development prospect of precision also attracts foreign post press senior technical talents to join

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