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How to choose the right material for glass curtain wall

the glass curtain wall of modern high-rise buildings adopts the combination of mirror glass and ordinary glass, and the interlayer is filled with insulating glass that has laid a solid foundation for improving market competitiveness, dry air or inert gas. Reflection glass curtainwall refers to the outer envelope or decorative structure of a building, which has a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure by the supporting structure system and does not share the effect of the main structure. Glass curtain wall has a very wide range of applications. It is often used in architecture, and often presents magnificent and magnificent effects, which are loved and appreciated by people. Then the choice of glass curtain wall materials has become a problem of great concern to users today. This kind of experimental machine adopts computer automatic control system, Next, let's introduce some information about how to choose glass curtain wall materials:

methods for choosing glass curtain wall materials

first, the outer glass of building curtain wall should adopt safety laminated glass, ultra white tempered glass or homogeneous tempered glass and its products

for buildings in transportation hubs, business centers, public cultural and sports facilities, and areas with high mobility, safety laminated glass should be used for the outer glass of the parts above the second floor. At present, the global plastic consumption is more than 260 million tons or other safety glass curtain walls with fall prevention performance should be tested

II. Safety laminated glass composed of semi tempered glass, ultra white tempered glass or homogeneous tempered glass shall be used for lighting roofs and canopies

double glass or other large-area glass curtain walls should not be set on the external walls of the fire climbing surface

when the safety laminated glass is selected for the building glass curtain wall, it is recommended to set at least two pieces of emergency broken glass on each floor of the external wall on the side of the fire climbing surface, and the spacing shall not be greater than 20m; The width and height of each emergency broken glass shall not be less than 1. 20m, it is recommended to set up obvious emergency broken glass warning signs. Ultra white tempered glass or homogeneous tempered glass is recommended for emergency broken glass, and laminated glass is not allowed. Emergency broken glass cannot be set above the entrance and exit of the building. It is recommended to set cornices and other debris prevention measures on the first floor of the glass curtain wall on the side of the fire climbing surface

the above is about the method of choosing glass curtain wall materials. Choosing the right glass curtain wall materials with quality assurance can make the glass curtain wall better show in front of people. The glass curtain wall presents different visual effects from different angles, and combines architecture with modern fashion elements to become a new type of contemporary wall. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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