How to correctly use ContiTech air cushion blanket

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How to correctly use ContiTech air cushion blanket

I. how to use blanket

① characteristics of blanket and then click Reset and how to set the thickness of the lining

Kangdi rubber blanket is the third generation of rubber blanket invented in the 1990s. It is the process of vulcanization of rubber by evenly adding closed rubber particles that make the internal pressure higher than the external pressure of printing. In this way, under the pressure of printing, the inside of the closed rubber only changes its shape and volume, without a process of suction and exhaust. It can meet the requirements of high-speed printing and overpressure under abnormal conditions within a certain limit, This can not only make the point restore clear, but also make most of the small-area printing change to large-area printing without replacing the blanket

because the air cushion elasticity of condi air cushion blanket is good, the subsidence coefficient of blanket is 0.05mm 0.1mm less than that of other brands of blanket (the subsidence coefficient refers to the difference between the thickness of blanket before printing and the thickness after printing). In this way, if you use other brands of blanket to replace condi blanket, you should consider this difference in the calculation of lining, (under the condition of ensuring the pressure between the PS drum and the blanket drum and between the blanket and the embossing drum) because the requirements of the blanket for the lining are within the error range of 0.015mm, otherwise, the overpressure it produces is far less than 0.05-0.1mm, resulting in dot expansion, large areas cannot be changed during small-area printing, and the blanket is not easy to clean

② the selection of gun bottom paper

with the development of society and printing technology, the selection of special floor paper for rubber blanket is more and more extensive, because not only the thickness of each ordinary coated paper has an error of 0.01 mm 0.02mm, but also changes with the change of temperature and humidity. When at different times and under different climatic conditions, the superposition of multiple ordinary coated papers causes a very large error. You only need to test whether the total thickness of the paper is within the error range of 0.02mm before using the machine, which can meet your printing requirements or select a special gun bottom paper

③ remove the package lining under the condition of ensuring the printing pressure

because the printing machine can adjust the book printing pressure according to different paper thickness, that is, the distance between the embossing cylinder and the blanket cylinder is adjustable. The distance between the blanket cylinder and the PS version cylinder will not change after the equipment is installed. The pressure between them is provided by the machine manufacturer, because the manufacturer sets the pressure between the rubber cylinder and the PS version cylinder on the PS version cylinder when designing, so that the blanket cylinder only needs to pad the blanket to be level with the roller pillow in printing. (in printing, the rubber compression coefficient will be generated after the rubber blanket rotates for 20 weeks, so when installing new rubber blanket, the high dry roller pillow is generally 0.05mm)

Kangdi rubber blanket has good elasticity and small deflating coefficient. Generally, the thickness of new rubber blanket is 1.95 or 1.69mm, and the deflating coefficient is about 0.04mm, while the actual thickness of some rubber blanket is only 1.88 or 1.61mm. Under the condition of ensuring the pressure of rubber blanket cylinder and PS version cylinder, we should reasonably consider the thickness difference between different brands of rubber and US dollars, which has become a trend, and calculate the thickness of Baocun to achieve perfect printing

attachment: the lining thickness of various types of printing machines when using condi blanket (Reference)

next, let's talk about the evaluation criteria of these equipment:

printer model

lining thickness

printer model

lining thickness

Heidelberg 102v/cd102v

35 silk

Roland 700

65-68 silk

Heidelberg SM74/72

35 silk

Komori 40

85 silk

Heidelberg sm52

100 wires

Mitsubishi 3F/if

40 wires (neutral)/50 wires (when the bottom film is not used)

Heidelberg GTO52

105 silk

for other printer models not listed, the lining thickness of the original normal use of other brands of blanket can be reduced by 5 silk

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