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How to create a visual impact atmosphere in tea packaging design

color in tea packaging design plays a very important role in the psychological impact of customers. Japanese scientists have found that people pay much more attention to color than to form. "Looking at color from a distance and looking at flowers from a distance" vividly shows that color plays an important role in attracting attention, moving people's hearts and attracting customers

people have subjective and objective feelings about color, and different consumers often have different associations about different colors. In the use of color in tea packaging design, we should not only consider the variety, grade and application of goods, but also consider the customs and appreciation habits of consumers. At present, the tea varieties on the market can be divided into green tea, black tea, yellow tea, black tea, white tea and green tea according to the different tea colors. We should use different colors for different tea varieties. For example, the color of black tea soup is red and bright. When drinking, it tastes mellow, refreshing and lasting, with a meaningful aftertaste and a fragrance in the taste. We should choose warm colors to make people feel rich and thick; Green tea is green in color and fragrant. It has four wonders of "beauty in shape, green in color, fragrant and mellow in taste". It is the best of tea. We should choose cool colors such as green and blue to make people feel fresh and refreshing, and the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy; White tea is characterized by pekoe covered, apricot yellow soup, fragrant tea flavor, mellow taste, so it is appropriate to choose light and soft colors...

for example, chezai tea series packaging designed by Hong Kong Graphic Design Master Mr. Jin Daiqiang uses different background colors as decorative background to highlight the chezai graphics of chezai brand, that is, dark green background is oolong tea, red background is Tieguanyin, light brown represents Pu'er tea, yellow represents fragrance, In this way, different colors represent different tea varieties, which well shows the characteristics of different tea varieties

patterns of tea packaging design

the use of patterns can make goods more vivid, vivid and interesting. Designers should make full use of the visual graphics combined by design factors to make consumers have rich psychological associations, affect consumers' feelings, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy

tea is a kind of national commodity. We can use some traditional patterns with strong national cultural flavor, such as Chinese paintings, decorative patterns, auspicious patterns, folk paper cuts and minority patterns, to express the tradition of tea, but we can't just stop at copying shells and copying some traditional patterns, but should integrate the emotional, implicit The essence of national cultural spirit with aesthetic characteristics such as delicacy is integrated into it. For example, we can use modern design techniques to recombine traditional cultural symbols, such as simplification, exaggeration, contrast, interleaving, diffusion, scattering and other techniques, so that they have national characteristics without losing a sense of modernity, and glow with a more charming style, that is, to infiltrate traditional Chinese culture into tea packaging design in the way of modern design techniques, so as to show it implicitly

for example, in the packaging of "Chinese famous tea", the outer packaging box is a central axis composition, and the "riverside picture of Qingming Festival" is used as decoration; The inner packaging uses four small boxes to form a long scroll of "Qingming River map". The design is simple and dignified at the beginning of this year, reflecting the characteristics of a long history

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in addition, using points, lines, surfaces and various geometric curves or using accidental patterns to abstract and form pictures is also a good method of expression. This method of expression is more novel, reflecting the characteristics of generosity, simplicity and solemnity, so that the design moves towards a new interface and level. Although the abstract composition picture can't express the positive meaning that the acid value should be lower, it can give people an implicit artistic conception. Through people's visual experience, consumers can have a reverie of beauty related to commodities, so as to understand commodities and generate purchase desire. However, these abstract patterns cannot be based on the imagination of the designer, but should be obtained indirectly or directly from natural objects

for example, the packaging design of "Laojun tea" mainly adopts the way of line and surface, and displays the ordinary landscape in the form of decorative painting, conveying a kind of fairyland interspersed with clouds and mountains where Laojun is located and the association that drinking this tea can enter the fairyland

photography is also a good means of creation. We can accurately and truly reproduce the texture of the external form of the inner tea and the color of the soup after boiling through the photographic pictures, so that consumers can see it at a glance and give people a sense of trust and intimacy. The beautiful natural scenery with clouds and overlapping mountains shows the superior ecological environment for the growth of tea, and the drinking tea sets of different types of tea also well reflect the tea drinking culture

for example, West Lake Longjing tea is produced in Longjing, Meiwu and other places in the West Lake mountain area of Hangzhou, where the peaks fluctuate and the scenery is beautiful, and the beautiful scenery is intoxicating; Huangshan Maofeng is fragrant and mellow, and the tea is delicate and delicate. It is produced in Huangshan, the world-famous tourist resort. The exquisite pictures can fully show the towering and strange peaks, vigorous and colorful pines, clear and turbulent mountain springs and undulating clouds of Huangshan, giving people a beautiful enjoyment. The beautiful shape of curly, flat and straight strips of scented tea makes the soup yellow, green and bright after boiling, and the leaf bottom is tender, uniform and soft. Just imagine that if these charming photos can be used in the tea sales packaging, it will certainly improve the vitality of the price of tea products. For example, the packaging of West Lake Longjing tea adopted by Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea Co., Ltd. uses the beautiful mountain scenery as the background, and the front is equipped with elegant photographic pictures of tea sets, giving people a strong visual impact

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