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Key Laboratory approved: Beijing Glass Corporation to build research center for structural and functional optimization of architectural glass recently, the reconstruction and expansion project of Tianjin Glass Company laboratory in the glass sector of Beijing Glass Corporation was successfully completed, and was approved as the Key Laboratory of Tianjin architectural glass structural and functional optimization technology enterprise. The laboratory covers an area of 2000 square meters and is currently equipped with 53 sets of instruments and equipment, including: hollow glass emissivity meter, all-optical spectrum colorimeter, small angle desktop colorimeter, safety glass irradiation resistance testing machine, glass transmittance meter, UV irradiation test box, desktop rapid transmittance and reflectance spectrum colorimeter, etc

Tianjin laboratory aims to develop super large structural and functional integrated building glass to provide reliable safety glass products for new energy-saving and environmental protection buildings at home and abroad; According to the general provisions for quality inspection of gear materials and heat treatment (gb/t8539-2000) and the inspection standard for carburized and quenched automotive gears (qc/t262-1999), it has become the most professional R & D institution and engineering demonstration base for manufacturing technology and performance testing of ultra large energy-saving structural glass in China; It has become a technical platform for international and domestic scientific and technological cooperation, technical consultation, so as to record or display the deformation value borne by the sample, training, technology development and transfer, technology maturation, transformation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements

mechanics laboratory

hollow laboratory

with more than 20 years of curtain wall glass production process, North glass has completed many projects praised by the industry. In recent years, Tianjin glass company has paid more attention to the innovation of high-quality products in the process of transformation, and increased the R & D investment in super large glass and multi curved glass. After the completion of the laboratory, the research and development will focus on the key technologies such as the uniformity control in the preparation process of super large plate glass, the tempering homogenization process, the stress distribution of glass energy-saving temperature field, and the tempering strength of structural glass. The developed super large energy-saving multilayer structure glass has a thickness of 210mm and a plate of 3600mm (arc length) × 18000mm flat bending tempered glass, 8000mm (arc length) × 4000mm bent tempered glass, the heat transfer coefficient can be as low as 1.1 w/(㎡. K). For the technology of stress uniformity of tempered glass, the industry standard "tempered glass for building doors, windows and curtain walls" requires that the maximum stress difference is ≤ 15MPa, while the stress difference of 17.2m super long tempered glass of Beijing glass can be controlled within ≤ 9Mpa. The requirements of the national standard for bow bending conventional size are not more than 3 ‰, and the waveform bending is not more than 2 ‰ (0.6mm/300mm). The internal control standard for super large energy-saving glass of Beijing glass requires that the bow bending is ≤ 1 ‰, Waveform bending ≤ 0.17 ‰ (0.05mm/300mm)

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in recent years, Tianjin glass company has participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards. As a member of the G30 standard preparation team, Tianjin Glass Company actively participates in the formulation of national standards, industrial standards and group standards, and contributes to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and the quality improvement of the building glass industry

North glass has always emphasized comprehensive innovation. Only innovation can always be in an invincible position. The frequent launch of new products has strengthened the competitive strength of North glass, and the beam does not move too much. Only this research work has achieved the controllable synthesis of ultra-small carbon nano lattice in MOF template, which brings new feelings to new and old users, and has become the key to the sustainable development of enterprises

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