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The key work of Binzhou development and reform this year: strive to build a world-class high-end aluminum base

on March 19, it was learned from the city's development and reform work conference that this year, our city will study and formulate a specific implementation plan for the development of high-end aluminum, plan to establish a special development fund, improve the work promotion system, and strive to build a world-class high-end aluminum base

it is understood that this year, the city's development and reform industry is 8 The start-up of granulator operation will focus on the following specific work. Efforts should be made to accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Study and formulate specific implementation plans for the development of high-end aluminum industry, plan to establish a special development fund, improve the work promotion system, and strive to build a world-class high-end aluminum industry base. Actively promote the entry of chemical enterprises into the park, extend the industrial chain, and build a high-end petrochemical industry base in northern Shandong. Seize the opportunity to participate in the pilot of national standardization comprehensive reform, actively promote the construction of industry standardization, and create a demonstration area of home textile and textile industry with advantageous brands. Focusing on the goal of building a national demonstration zone for the integration of circular economy in grain industry, we will thoroughly implement the "four major projects" of Park agglomeration, scientific and technological innovation, high-quality grain and brand cultivation, and continue to enlarge the demonstration effect of the "Binzhou model" of grain industry. We will vigorously develop standardized large-scale breeding, focus on regional brand building of high-quality livestock products, and expand and improve the animal husbandry and aquaculture industry. Take the lead in promoting five emerging industries, including high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, new energy and new materials, medical care and health, and modern service industry, clarify the development direction and path, and cultivate new economic growth points. We will strengthen the drive for innovation, promote the construction of national innovative cities, and strive to become a pilot of national innovative cities by 2020. We will strengthen the construction of various innovation platforms, accelerate the establishment of Binzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute, promote the precise connection between the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and create a new engine for the development of the city

strive to expand effective investment demand. Taking the implementation of the "four hundred" as the starting point, hold a project promotion on-site meeting every quarter to focus on "demonstrating, signing and starting a batch of" major projects of new and old kinetic energy conversion. Establish special mobile classes for key projects, implement the "front-line work method", create conditions to promote the commencement of projects, and ensure that the commencement rate of projects approved this year reaches more than 80%, the commencement rate of technological transformation projects reaches more than 90%, and the commencement rate of provincial and municipal key projects reaches 100%. We should pay close attention to the rewards and punishments of investment assessment, reward diligence and punish laziness, and mobilize the enthusiasm of all counties and cities to pay attention to investment and projects. Accelerate the construction of Gaoqing Guangrao section of Changsha Shenzhen Expressway, Chengkou Zhanhua section of Qinhuangdao Binhai expressway, zhanzhou Linzhou expressway, Binzhou Yellow River Bridge and other projects, cooperate with the preliminary work of the second channel of Jinan Binhai high speed railway and Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, and start the construction of Zouping, Beihai, hujilize and other "public to rail" projects. Even so, speed up the construction of two 50000 ton oil berths, 50000 ton waterway, China Shipping asphalt crude oil pipeline and other key projects in Binzhou port, and spare no effort to promote the construction of Binzhou section of the resumption of navigation of Xiaoqing River and the comprehensive regulation of the waterway in the port area of Taoer river. Carry out the activity of "sending policies to the door" throughout the system, establish a "policy through train" system, pay close attention to the implementation of a series of policy documents such as "45", "42" and "35", and further release policy dividends

strive to promote the implementation of key tasks. We will spare no efforts to promote the adjustment of energy structure, do a good job in the rectification of coal-fired power units built in violation of regulations since 2013, strengthen the follow-up supervision of the shutdown of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, and ensure that there are no problems, so as to help you further understand the equipment problems. Strengthen communication and docking with superior departments, and strive for the replacement of some advanced production capacity such as coal-fired power units. Complete the preparation of new energy industry planning, accelerate the construction of new energy projects, and strive to increase the proportion of installed capacity of new and renewable energy power generation to more than 6% by the end of the year. Strengthen the supervision of key coal consuming enterprises, strictly implement territorial management, and strive to complete the task of total coal consumption control. We will speed up the poverty alleviation and relocation of the Yellow River beach area, urge the accelerated implementation of the relocation and resettlement project in the Bincheng District, fully complete the relocation of Huimin County within the year, strive to complete the high-tech zone within the year, and strive to complete the temporary evacuation road project within the year. Actively create the "ten hundred thousand" demonstration project for rural revitalization, and carry out the establishment of national and provincial rural industrial integration demonstration parks. Promote the development of military civilian integration in depth, study and issue the city's "Implementation Opinions on the transformation of old and new kinetic energy into military civilian integration industry development", support and guide qualified enterprises to actively strive for provincial military civilian integration demonstration enterprises, and spare no effort to build Binzhou military civilian integration science and Technology Industrial Park and Beihai military civilian integration in-depth development industrial demonstration park. Strictly implement the relevant deployment requirements of the province, and continue to do a good job in the work of counterpart support to Fengjie and poverty alleviation cooperation in Qilian to ensure practical results

strive to release the vitality of reform and opening up. Deepen the supply side structural reform, focus on the "eight character" (consolidation, enhancement, improvement, unimpeded) requirements, and do a good job in "breaking" and "establishing" articles. We will solidly promote the construction of the social credit system, further promote the special treatment of dishonesty in key areas, actively promote the application of "credit plus" such as credit goods and credit approval, and explore the implementation of the administrative examination and approval commitment system. We will steadily promote the reform of innovative government resource allocation methods, power system reform, oil and gas system reform, price reform and other key tasks, and further remove institutional obstacles. We will coordinate the implementation of major projects and major issues identified in the "two districts and one circle" plan, accelerate the integration of Zhanhua into the main urban area, and create a new urban pattern of "one city, four districts". Actively promote practical cooperation with Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Bohai rim regions in industry, science and technology, talent and other aspects, deeply integrate into the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and encourage and support backbone enterprises to "go global" to participate in international production capacity cooperation. Implement the provincial policy opinions on accelerating the healthy development and transformation of county economy, and continue to carry out the three-year action of improving county economic development. Carry out "double recruitment and double introduction" with high quality, focus on the short boards of five hundred billion level industrial clusters, and introduce a number of demonstration driven projects of "building, supplementing and strengthening the chain". Give play to the role of the park as the main position of "attracting investment", further deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of the Development Zone, improve the supporting infrastructure, and optimize the undertaking carrier. Vigorously implement the "Bohai Yingli Haina project", strengthen the publicity of talent policies, and attract high-level talents from inside and outside the province to start businesses in Binhai

focus on optimizing the business environment. Manage and make good use of the city's new and old kinetic energy conversion fund, connect with the provincial 600billion yuan new and old kinetic energy conversion master fund, and provide diversified investment and financing support for the new and old kinetic energy conversion. We should promote the reform of "doing it well at one time", shift the focus of government management from pre approval to post supervision, and shift to creating a good development environment and providing high-quality public services. We will comprehensively implement the parallel examination and approval of key projects, the pre-trial handling of tolerance and deficiency and the completion within a limited time, promote the "integration of multiple evaluations" and "joint examination of multiple drawings" of projects, and effectively improve the efficiency of examination and approval and the speed of completion. Do a good job in the construction of the business environment. 6. Short circuit and intermittent instability, simplify the handling links, reduce the application materials, reduce the working time, reduce the operating costs, speed up the project approval, and make things convenient for the masses. Carry out a good job in the evaluation of the business environment, promote administrative approval * greatly reduce links, materials, time, and costs, and improve the satisfaction, perception, and sense of gain of the masses

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