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Xiaomi: at present, the comprehensive performance of water drop screen is better than that of perforated screen.

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many rice noodles want to know why Xiaomi 9 uses water drop screen. I will explain it to you, and also briefly introduce several front-end camera schemes in the current industry

to sum up: at present, the mainstream front camera schemes in the industry are mechanical motion, hole digging in the screen and water drop/bangs

eject and slide cover, which are classified as sports internally, because the camera function is realized through movement, whether ejecting the camera or sliding out of the camera. The basic principle of electric ejection is to provide power through the stepping motor and drive the whole camera module up and down through the transmission mechanism. The slide cover manually pushes the slide rail to realize sliding. The traditional scheme is mostly spring slide rail, but the defect is that the spring life is limited; Xiaomi mix 3 innovatively adopts magnetic power slide rail, which provides magnetic force through Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet. The sliding feel is clearer and the service life is longer

screen hole digging. Before the camera under the screen is fully mature, screen hole digging can be used as a new transition scheme to pursue the ultimate comprehensive screen. At present, the screen hole digging technology is divided into two directions: through hole and blind hole. At present, it is mainly on LCD, and OLED is less. The blind hole scheme digs holes in the backlight layer at the lowest layer of the LCD screen, and the external light finally reaches the camera through cover glass, OCA, color filter, LCD and TFT layers. The through-hole scheme directly penetrates all the parts under the cover glass, and directly places the camera under the glass cover

the basic principle of the banged screen is to cut the screen and put it into the camera, so as to reduce the upper frame and increase the proportion of the screen. Water drop screen is a kind of evolution of Liu Haiping, which reduces the cutting of the screen and puts it into a small camera

analysis of advantages and disadvantages:

pop up and sliding cover scheme: the advantage is that it can achieve an extremely comprehensive screen. The mechanical scheme of the electric motor has a certain sense of science and technology. The disadvantage is that these two mechanical structures will increase the thickness of the whole machine and occupy the stacking space inside the machine body. Another point is that some users don't like the noise of the electric motor. I think it will be easier for you to understand this, so I won't talk about it

water drops/bangs: compared with other schemes, the bangs screen, especially the big bangs, can provide a larger space for the camera module. The camera can have a richer combination and realize more complex functions, such as the 3D structured light of iPhone. The cost of realizing this function is the large bangs area, which also affects the aesthetics of people who roast more. Water drop is an evolution of bangs. Try to minimize the impact of opening on aesthetics and ensure that the front cam is centered and visually symmetrical

screen hole digging: see Figures 1 and 2 for the specific principle. The main difference between blind hole screen and through-hole screen is the penetration degree of LCD screen. Blind hole only penetrates the backlight layer, because it does not damage the LCD layer, the screen protection border around the opening can be made relatively narrow, usually 0.5-0.6mm. Perforation is to pierce the entire LCD screen. The screen border needs to be about 1.0mm, so you can see that the hole of nova4 is narrower than the hole vision of Samsung a8s

the main advantage of blind hole is that the black edge of the screen is small, the vision is relatively more beautiful, and it is a new form; There are several disadvantages:

1. Because the OCA, color filter, liquid crystal and TFT layers are not dug through, it has a certain impact on the light transmittance, which will then affect the imaging effect of the front,

2. Because the screen is a very precise device, the blind hole is equivalent to putting the cam under the screen, and the requirements for error and structural reliability are very high

3. The camera direction of the LCD blind hole screen, Last year, our display experts analyzed that due to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the shading glue on the side of the screen, the stress of the screen cell may lead to the uneven distribution of the liquid crystal around the blind hole, which may cause the problem of local yellowing. This problem may become more obvious with the passage of time. Therefore, display experts are strongly opposed to digging hole screen products at this stage, and we need to continue to study solutions

generally, the structure reliability of through-hole junctions will be relatively good and will not affect the effect of front photographing, but the shortcomings are also obvious, and the opening area is large. Calculate the black edge + aperture. Currently, the blind hole on the market is about 4.5mm (3.5mm aperture + 0.5mm border on the left and right), and the perforation is about 5.5mm (3.5mm aperture + 1mm border on the left and right)

Xiaomi 9 considered all front camera solutions at the beginning of the project, and also compared the advantages and disadvantages of all solutions horizontally. We believe that the water drop screen is a solution with relatively good comprehensive performance (no obvious deficiencies) and relatively comfortable and natural user experience under the current technical conditions. I believe that the friends and chambers of Commerce of "love science" agree with it, because the P30 series that will soon be launched is also said to be water drop screen

many users like the sports pop-up/slide cover, and we are also doing pre research, hoping to give users more choices in the future

screen hole digging is a very innovative solution. Mainstream screen manufacturers are promoting this technology, and Xiaomi has also been studying it for a long time. We believe that at this time, in addition to the risk of user experience, the main hole is still too large and not beautiful! Last year, Xiaomi set up a project and installed a complete machine. Finally, we decided to cut it down. If you want to see it, I can find a prototype. We believe that only when the aperture is small enough (including 3mm black edge, and the first integrated circuit made of graphene wafer successfully developed by IBM in the United States), it will be more beautiful and acceptable. Coupled with the deep customization of UI interaction, the screen hole digging scheme can provide better user experience. It is estimated that the demand for power batteries will reach 96.9gwh in 2020, and there will be progress in the future

under the internal economic cycle, China Chengdu Jianbo Auto Expo in April 2021 will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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