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Key enterprises in action Shenbian group: forge ahead in the "cold winter"

in the "cold winter" under the influence of the international financial crisis, Shenbian group, with firm confidence and courage, with scientific and decisive decision-making in advance, with lean and reliable high-end products, is still making progress. So far, The group's orders in 2009 have exceeded 5billion yuan, and the total amount of contracts to be performed has exceeded 8billion yuan. Such sufficient product orders not only effectively enhanced the enterprise's own anti risk ability, but also laid a solid foundation for becoming a 10 billion enterprise group at the end of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

when the crisis comes, only enterprises that are well prepared can calmly deal with it. In recent years, under the guidance of the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, Shenbian group has maintained a high-speed development trend. The profits and taxes paid by enterprises increased from less than 10 million yuan in the year of restructuring to 120 million yuan in 2007, an increase of 12.8 times. But at the same time of rapid development, Shen Bian group is still prepared for danger in times of peace, so as to cope with possible difficulties and challenges

having a strong physique and solid internal skills is the most powerful weapon to deal with market risks. For this reason, Shenbian group has firmly chosen a connotative development path of relying on independent innovation and enhancing core competitiveness in its development strategy in recent years. In the construction of independent innovation capacity, the annual scientific research investment of Shenbian group accounts for more than 6% of the sales revenue, and the R & D investment reached 500million yuan in 2007 alone. Actively increase investment in scientific research and bring about the effect of thick accumulation of HRF thin hair. At present, Shen Bian group has initially established a set of its own system of AC and DC product development, design and verification that has reached the world's advanced level. In four years, it has obtained more than 200 core patented technologies and won more than 50 national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. After national new product identification, more than 30 new products have reached the international advanced or even leading level

in October this year, the national development and Reform Commission officially awarded the construction task of the only national engineering laboratory in the transformer industry to Shenbian group, which also marks that Shenbian group has become a leading enterprise in the independent innovation of China's transformer industry

with the continuous improvement of enterprise innovation ability, the industrial structure of Shenbian group has also undergone fundamental changes. The products are separated from the fully competitive market with low scientific and technological content and low added value, and enter the high-end market to seek high profits. Today, the high-end products of Shenbian group account for more than 75% of the total products. They have mastered a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as 1000 kV high-voltage AC transformers and reactors, million KW generator main transformers, large hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power supporting host transformers, which represent the world's highest utilization level of power transmission and transformation equipment. They are the Three Gorges project, West to East power transmission The 1000 kV high voltage demonstration project and other national major projects have provided the first set of domestic product technology and services. Today in Shenbian group, a world-class product comes out in less than two months on average

on July 4, 2008, the world's first UHV AC 1000 MVA/1000 kV transformer passed all test projects in TBEA Shenyang substation, and was successfully developed. It will soon run in the world's first 1000 kV AC test demonstration project put into commercial operation. This marks that the independent innovation ability of Shenyang Transformer Group has been at the world leading level

it is precisely because of its strong technical strength and high-end products that Shenbian group has been able to report good news in both domestic and foreign markets. Since this year alone, Shenbian group has successfully won the contract for eight transformers in the U.S. market, once again breaking the record of the number of successful bidders and the contract amount in the U.S. market, and then in the national key project "huliao positive and negative 500 kV DC transmission and transformation project", Won the largest order in the domestic industry with a total price of nearly 1.2 billion yuan, and then obtained the 444million yuan order of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, and entered the field of nuclear power for the first time...

one after another large order in the adverse economic environment, to the maximum extent to ensure that the enterprise continues to maintain a steady development trend. In the third quarter, in order to comprehensively reduce the impact of the financial crisis on the production and operation of enterprises and resolve potential business risks, Shen Bian group has also prepared for a rainy day, further proposed a marketing oriented response strategy, promoted ordering and payment collection with "cash as king", and implemented a series of incentive policies to promote marketing, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the marketing team

driven by this response measure, the crisis has become a good opportunity for development. After the country recently proposed the strategic measure of boosting domestic demand through strong investment, Shenbian group immediately took action and quickly launched project docking with major power companies. In a short time, it has reached a bid intention of a total amount of 660million yuan with Sichuan Ertan Hydropower Project and Huaneng Lancang River Nuozhadu hydropower project, and will be officially signed in December this year

in winter, the "UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation equipment industrial technology upgrading construction project" of Shenbian group, located on the Shenxi industrial corridor, remains in full swing. In the first year of operation, this future world's highest level "transmission and transformation Industrial Park" will increase the production capacity of Shenbian group by 30%. At the same time, this industrial park will also carry the heavy responsibility of Shenyang Transformer Group to complete another technological upgrading, and will form a research and manufacturing base for new high-voltage transformers, bushings, international complete sets of projects and other high-tech products

facing the future development, Shenbian group is full of confidence. It is reported that at present, new economic growth points such as the paperboard project and the high-voltage casing project of Shenyang Transformer Group have achieved good development. In 2009, with the successive production of the "power transmission and transformation Industrial Park" and the metal products company jointly invested with Russia's Sinosteel group, Shenyang Transformer Group will realize the "multi engine" development situation of power transmission and transformation, new materials and other industries until the end of the eleventh five year plan, Shenbian group will become another world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise with a scale of 10 billion and strong core competitiveness in our province

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