At present, the acrylonitrile market continues to

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At present, the acrylonitrile market continues to rise, and the market is favorable, stable, and small and medium-sized rise.

the international and domestic acrylonitrile market performs well. Due to the decline of crude oil, the upstream propylene market stabilizes, but it has little impact on the acrylonitrile market. Because its downstream demand is still good, the external price supply range situation: the selling price of full-scale non tiered merchants remains stable at a high level, and the domestic local quotations are increased

in order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pumps, the reference price quoted by foreign investors is US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port). Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. announced today that the acrylonitrile shipment quotation in August was 1680 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia). Downstream, it is difficult for acrylic fiber manufacturers to raise prices. In addition, from the recent production situation of manufacturers, the supply of external resources is still tight in the short term, and the overall market performance is good

the acrylonitrile domestic trade market is still in a tight situation, but the overall market transaction is general. The reference value of tank delivery from the port is yuan/ton, and that from Shandong is yuan/ton. At present, the downstream demand is still strong, while the supply of goods is slightly tight, and traders are reluctant to sell. Influenced by the strength of the upstream, traders are still optimistic about the future market

the mainstream price of domestic ex factory price is at the high level of yuan/ton. Sinopec quoted 15200 yuan/ton for Anqing and Shanghai plants in July. Fushun Petrochemical reported a steady 15400 yuan/ton. The ex factory price of Jihua is 15400 yuan/ton; The ex factory price of Daqing Petrochemical and refining acrylonitrile is 14600 yuan/ton. At present, the inventory is low and the export volume is small

the industry said that there are still many positive factors for acrylonitrile in the future: high upstream propylene, high cost support; The price of downstream acrylic fiber increased rapidly. Under this background, the electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing machine developed rapidly with the development of electro-hydraulic servo technology. The above positive factors support the future market of acrylonitrile, which still has room to increase. However, due to the gradual recovery of global acrylonitrile supply and the poor demand for downstream acrylamide and ABS, it has brought some pressure on the rise of acrylonitrile, and the future price has been stable, medium and small increases

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