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Upgrading key technologies to achieve the development goals of smart electricity during the 12th Five Year Plan period from 2010 to 2012, strengthening the construction of smart electricity has been written into the work report of the Chinese government three times and incorporated into the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan. Smart electricity has been promoted and implemented as a national strategy. China's smart electricity has basically completed the work of the comprehensive planning and demonstration pilot stage, entered the comprehensive construction and implementation stage, and has made remarkable achievements in strategic research, standard formulation, key technology research and development, pilot project construction, etc., laying a solid foundation for the basic construction of strong smart electricity in the 12th Five Year Plan

clarifying the construction priorities of smart electricity in the next step and advancing in an orderly manner are the basis for achieving the goals of smart electricity in the 12th Five Year Plan. Power enterprises will play an important leading role in the field of smart electricity technology innovation and provide a strong guarantee for the healthy development of the smart electricity industry

policy level:

point out the development direction of smart electricity and emphasize the original innovation of high-tech

on May 4, 2012, the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China officially issued the 12th Five Year special plan for major scientific and technological industrialization projects of smart electricity (hereinafter referred to as the special plan), defined the ideas and principles for the development of electric science and technology during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and established that smart electricity characterized by informatization, automation and interaction will be basically built during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Nine key tasks have been deployed to promote the overall development goal of upgrading and leaping from traditional electricity to efficient, economic, clean and interactive modern electricity

this plan is the first relevant plan on smart electricity issued by the national ministries and commissions since smart electricity was officially incorporated into the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan. The planning covers the world's smart electricity development hotspots such as large-scale clean energy merging, energy storage, long-distance transmission and power distribution technology. At the same time, based on the analysis of China's strategic demand for energy and electricity, combined with the scope, characteristics and development stage of China's smart electricity, it will support the electric technology that users will consult the electronic universal testing machine to detect the related problems of Particleboard in the period before the development of electric vehicles, Intelligent operation and control of large power, intelligent power transmission and transformation technology and equipment, electric information and communication technology, flexible power transmission and transformation technology and equipment, and comprehensive demonstration of intelligent power integration are the development priorities of intelligent power during the 12th Five Year Plan period

at the same time, the special plan has raised the original innovation ability of high-tech to a new height, and pointed out that one of the principles of the development of intelligent electricity industry is to strengthen the original innovation ability of high-tech. In terms of research and manufacturing of key technologies and equipment of smart electricity, relevant enterprises are required to strive to achieve independent innovation and industrial upgrading, so as to enhance scientific and technological innovation capacity and national competitiveness. The special plan also proposes to strengthen technical cooperation and integrated innovation by focusing on the construction of smart electricity demonstration projects

enterprise level:

build a scientific and technological innovation system and promote the comprehensive and detailed implementation of smart electricity

power enterprises play a leading role in the specific construction, promotion and implementation of smart electricity. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, according to the actual needs of smart electricity at different stages of development, power enterprises, guided by special plans, selected difficult technologies that need to be solved urgently, made breakthroughs in key areas, and promoted them in an orderly manner, so as to achieve a comprehensive technological leap in all links such as power generation, power transmission and transformation, power distribution, and power operation control. On the basis of continuously improving the ability of large-scale optimal allocation of electricity, through the high integration of modern advanced technology, develop and utilize new and renewable energy on a large scale, comprehensively improve the intelligent level of large-scale electricity operation control, improve the power supply capacity and the ability to resist major faults and natural disasters, improve the power supply service capacity and level, and carry out the research on the new generation of intelligent substation, distributed power generation, micro electricity and other technologies, Realize the leapfrog development of electricity in China

at the same time, power enterprises will continue to play a leading role in the innovation of smart electricity technology, start with basic research, grasp major cutting-edge topics, establish an independent innovation system, pay attention to the coordinated development of all aspects of electricity, and lead the development of international smart electricity technology

the development of smart electricity in China requires not only the breakthrough and breakthrough of key technologies, but also the construction and implementation of demonstration projects. It is a complex system engineering, involving policies, funds, science and technology, talents, management and other aspects, and requires active guidance and strong support at the national level

at present, the policy system of the government and the development of smart electricity related to economy, finance, taxation, finance and other aspects needs to be supplemented and improved, and the independent innovation ability of relevant enterprises in smart electricity related technology research needs to be further improved. On the one hand, we need to strengthen support at the national level, further play the role of policy incentives and guarantees, and solve the primary problems such as the large amount of capital investment required for the construction of smart electricity. On the other hand, the government needs to actively create an environment conducive to independent innovation of smart electric technology research and development, give full play to the organizational and regulatory functions of the government, ensure the independent innovation space of enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, and improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises


State Grid Corporation accelerates the construction of strong smart electricity

building smart electricity is an inevitable trend of the world's electricity development. For China, the construction of strong smart electricity is not only based on the basic national conditions of accelerating the development of urbanization and industrialization, but also to meet the needs of large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources and large-scale development of clean energy, as well as the special cold heading of large-size m27-m366 corner head, which needs a great impact on the increasingly diversified service needs of customers

the State Grid Corporation of China has accelerated the construction of UHV projects, optimized the power structure, greatly improved the ability of trans regional and trans provincial transmission and power optimization resource allocation, and significantly enhanced the capacity of renewable energy integration and consumption. In the first half of 2012, the largest scale of hydropower transmission in Sichuan reached 8.3 million KW, accounting for more than 40% of power generation in the province; The new wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity in the business area of State Grid Corporation of China was 5.76 million KW and 100000 kW, with a year-on-year increase of 29.7% and 4.7%; The consumption of new energy was 47 billion kwh, an increase of 22.4% year-on-year

the State Grid Corporation of China has formulated an action plan for the comprehensive construction of smart electricity, clarifying the construction objectives and key tasks. The key technology research and key equipment development of the new generation of intelligent substation have been fully launched. The promotion and application of smart meters increased by 20.3 million in the first half of the year, reaching a total of 92.65 million, realizing the automatic collection of electricity consumption information of 97.69 million households. Progress has been made in the construction of intelligent charging and replacement service network for electric vehicles, with 243 charging and replacement power stations and 13283 charging piles completed and put into operation. The three integration demonstration project has been put into commercial operation in Shanghai

in the second half of 2012, the State Grid Corporation of China will accelerate the construction of strong smart electricity and complete the annual electricity construction task

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accelerate the construction of key projects to ensure the completion and operation of Jinping Sunan DC project and Gaoling Back-to-Back DC project. The Xiluodu West Zhejiang direct current project was commenced. Strengthen organization and technical support, strengthen the coordination of the whole process of production, supervision and transportation of main equipment, and ensure that key projects such as Anhui power transmission to the East and Zhengzhou to the south of Hami complete the milestone plan. Accelerate the construction of Yushu power and Qinghai main link project. Complete the construction of electricity demonstration projects in the core areas of key cities. Accelerate the construction progress of agricultural upgrading and transformation projects, and reasonably arrange the follow-up agricultural upgrading and transformation plan. Speed up the construction of electricity in areas without electricity and Tibetan areas

implement the smart electricity action plan and standardize the construction and management mode. Grasp the investment intensity and transformation rhythm, strengthen quality control, and orderly promote the installation and application of smart meters. The state monitoring system of power transmission and transformation equipment has been basically completed. Strengthen market development and improve the operating efficiency of electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities. According to the market evaluation and policy support, we will steadily promote the construction of follow-up charging and replacement facilities

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