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The key machine tool project of the National 863 plan has entered the equipment manufacturing stage

on February 17, we learned from Sanming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. that after more than 9 months of scientific research by more than 30 technical researchers of Sanming machine tool, it has been listed in the national "863 plan key project" - high-precision grinding machine for large-size rectangular flat optical parts has entered the equipment manufacturing stage

affected by the international financial crisis, the company's most difficult period was from the end of last year to the beginning of this year. Due to the weakness of the scrap market of some enterprises in Wenling and Ningbo, Zhejiang, such as the automobile hub project of Taiwan 6He group, the industry was affected by the financial crisis on the 18th, delaying the delivery of goods, resulting in the failure to ship 30 lifting CNC milling machines and 16 vertical milling machines produced by Sanming machine tool, and the production and operation of enterprises were affected. In order not to affect the research and development progress of key projects of the National 863 plan, the company concentrated human, material and financial resources, increased the research and development of new products, and successfully completed the preliminary research and development of high-precision grinding machines for large-size rectangular planar optical parts. Today, the company has built the first workshop with anti-seismic, clean and constant temperature environment in the province within the pressure holding time of the newly built standard workshop, and has become a test platform for high-tech product equipment such as high-precision grinding machines for large-size rectangular plane optical parts. In March this year, the platform will be launched

it is understood that Sanming machine tool began with the production of simple lifting table milling machines. After more than 40 years of development, it has developed into an enterprise producing multi series milling machine products. It is a professional manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of machinery to produce milling machines, and it is also a national export enterprise of mechanical and electrical products. In August last year, according to the city's development strategy of "returning to the city and entering the park", the company moved to the city's high-tech development zone located in the direction of tearing and rolling, with a total investment of 150million yuan

the 863 plan key machine tool project undertaken by the company is a research and development aimed at the important national optical engineering and the major needs of the machine tool industry. It is a key ultra precision processing equipment and processing technology with international advanced level. The successful research and development of the project will partially solve the problem of alternative imports and further enhance China's core competitiveness and innovation ability in related fields

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