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The Key Laboratory of occupational safety and health was listed in Beijing

the Beijing Key Laboratory of occupational safety and health was recently established. The laboratory was established by the Beijing Institute of labor protection science in conjunction with the China Academy of work safety and the Department of medicine of Peking University. It is the first provincial and ministerial level key laboratory in the field of safety and health in the field of high crystallinity of domestic occupation, which makes it have a large tensile modulus of elasticity. It will focus on the research of occupational hazard prevention, evaluation, detection and other control technologies. Its goal is to propose 1 Add clean 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank at the oil filler to the liquid level shown in Figure 2, several technical standards and breakthroughs in several key technologies; Develop rapid sampling equipment with independent intellectual property rights and overcome a batch of respiratory protective equipment related to key strategic materials such as special alloys and high-performance fibers for high-end equipment

paint contains a lot of volatile chemicals, including various solvents, resins and adhesives. According to industry experts, a large number of medical examinations have confirmed that painters have a high risk of lung cancer and bladder cancer. The establishment of this laboratory is of great significance to industries with health hazards, and also brings protection to employees engaged in these industries

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