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Baotou: the key project is to gather new momentum in the rare earth high tech Zone

today's project is tomorrow's productivity. In 2018, the rare earth high tech Zone took project construction as an important starting point to promote high-quality economic development, gathering new momentum for economic development. A total of 113 key projects of more than 100 million yuan were implemented throughout the year. At present, 30 industrial projects have been completed and put into operation, and it is expected that 50 industrial projects can be put into operation throughout the year, with an upper limit of 8 industrial enterprises

driven by key projects, the economic development of the high-tech zone continued to improve. In the first three quarters, colleges and universities were an important measure of Guangya aluminum. Generally, the public budget revenue reached 2.03 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the city. The standard method was confirmed or checked; The total import and export volume of foreign trade increased by 37.4%; The added value of above designated industries, main business income and tax revenue increased by 10%, 15.4% and 16% respectively

strengthening and optimizing rare earth projects

recently, the 600 kW marine electric propulsion motor independently developed by Chang'an permanent magnet motor company passed the performance index test and successfully left the factory. The power density of this motor is higher than that of Siemens' motor, and its volume and weight are only 1/4 of that of Siemens' motor, which is technically leading in China

driven by the city's "three-year action plan for the development of rare earth industry" and "ten measures to support the development of rare earth new material industrial parks", Baotou Chang'an permanent magnet motor company aims at the high-end market, makes fine rare earth permanent magnet products, makes continuous innovations and breakthroughs, and successfully develops more than ten types of high-precision rare earth permanent magnet motors with more than 300 specifications

it is learned that this year, the rare earth projects in the high tech Zone have achieved eye-catching performance, and the 100million smart micro drive motor project of Jiangxin micro motor has filled the industrial gap in the autonomous region. Haoming new power nickel hydrogen power battery technology has reached the domestic advanced level. With regard to the short circuit problem of electronic universal testing machine, the "rare earth new power pure electric bus" project won the "excellent enterprise award" in the 2018 China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition

this year, the rare earth high tech Zone implemented 40 key projects in the rare earth industry, driving the added value of the rare earth industry to increase by 59%. Seagate environmental protection 50000 m3 denitration catalyst project has been completed and put into operation, and the comprehensive efficiency of the product has reached the international advanced level; Zhongxin Antai 8000 ton Nd-Fe-B project took only 10 months from commencement to production, and the enterprise formed a full industrial chain of magnetic materials. Yunsheng strong magnetic 6000 ton Nd-Fe-B project has entered the stage of equipment commissioning and commissioning with materials, and will be officially put into production in November

the high tech Zone also invested in the establishment of the industrial park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the industrial park of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and implemented 33 industrialization projects. The full-automatic production line of Zhongke intelligent rare earth permanent magnet servo motor has been completed and put into operation, and the technology has reached the international advanced level; Zhongke century rare earth cerium sulfide colorant project has entered the stage of large-scale production; The process and equipment of the 1000 ton industrialization project of rare earth modified sapphire raw materials are the first in China; The rare earth zirconia composite ceramic powder project has developed 12 products with broad development prospects; The product performance of rare earth oxide coating project has reached the world-class level. The construction of these projects will further 1. Earnestly implement the major resolutions of the China Plastics Association and promote the high-quality development of the rare earth industry

extend and expand non-ferrous metal and equipment manufacturing projects

recently, northern Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first 35 ton hybrid mining vehicle in China, marking that northern Co., Ltd. has made a breakthrough in the application research of product power diversification, filling the domestic gap, and also indicating that China has become a rare country in the world to master the hybrid power technology of mining vehicles

it is learned that the 35 ton hybrid mining vehicle nth35 developed by northern Co., Ltd. adopts the international advanced power split hybrid technology and is equipped with high-performance power lithium battery. The engine power is reduced by 30% compared with the original ordinary diesel driven vehicle. The dual motor drive transmission system can intelligently and efficiently carry out the optimal power distribution, maximize the recovery of braking energy, and save about 25% of fuel consumption. This has become a strong evidence for the deep implementation of the "made in China 2025" national demonstration zone and the "three-year action for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries" in Baotou

since this year, the high tech Zone has implemented 18 key projects in the non-ferrous metal and equipment manufacturing industry, focusing on building a new manufacturing system. The technical indicators of the 100000 ton copper wire drawing project of Zhenxiong copper industry are at the domestic first and international leading level; With an annual production capacity of 120000 tons of cold rolled oriented silicon steel sheets, Weifeng electromagnetic has become the largest and most technologically advanced oriented silicon steel production base in northern China

On September 11 this year, "2018 overseas doctor Baotou entrepreneurial trip" was successfully held in rare earth high tech Zone. Among the 19 intention projects of overseas high-level talents, there are currently Dr. Liu Chang's "3D printing personalized bone repair" project, Dr. Zhao Yunyan's "intelligent kitchen service system" project, Dr. Liang Tingyan's "VR etiquette system independent research and development and promotion" project Six projects, including Dr. Li yanlei's "design from the inside out - industrial design application" project and Dr. Yunsheng's "stem cell clinical research, development and application", have officially landed in the high tech Zone

in the high-tech zone, emerging industries have formed a number of supporting projects not only in energy storage, but also in the fields of new materials, biotechnology, high-end medical treatment, energy conservation and environmental protection. Dongbao biology is commissioning its second 3500 ton gelatin production line with materials. After completion, the production capacity will reach 13500 tons, making it the largest gelatin production enterprise in China; The main body of the northern rare earth medical industrial park has been completed, and the superconducting magnetic resonance project has filled the industrial gap in the autonomous region; Punojie intelligent established the first "smart medical incubation base" in the autonomous region, and focused on building a smart medical industry cluster with the whole industry chain; Zhongtian Hongyuan's "data-based high-efficiency and energy-saving grinding system remanufacture project" is under equipment commissioning, and has more than 30 technical products with independent core intellectual property rights

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