At present, the production and sales rate of Shahe

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At present, the production and sales rate of Shahe glass is about 80%, and the overall shipment is generally

since the late days, the production and sales of Shahe glass are generally, and the manufacturer's inventory has increased slightly. In the past two days, the busy farming in the North has gradually begun to affect the processing progress of downstream processing plants, and the market wait-and-see mood has increased due to the busy farming and the approaching holidays, and the shipment of Shahe market has continued to slow down. At present, the production and sales rate of Shahe glass is about 80%, and the overall shipment is average. In terms of inventory, the manufacturer's inventory has accumulated slightly, but the overall pressure is slightly lower than that in July. As of yesterday, the manufacturer's inventory has 3.52 million weight boxes, providing one-stop services from design to manufacturing and processing for automobile enterprises. The inventory has a cumulative trend during the national day later. The dealer's inventory is at a normal level, with little change in inventory increase or decrease. In terms of operation, the manufacturers mainly support the price. On the 25th, some manufacturers adjusted the price and formulated the medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020, and some manufacturers who plan to increase the price cancelled the increase plan because the shipment volume did not increase effectively. In the later stage, Xinli plans to increase all products by 0.1 yuan on October 1, and the specific implementation is to be determined. Dealers are more cautious in taking goods. The main factor is that the current price of Shahe glass is high, the overall shipment of the market is poor, and dealers hoard goods without the support of profit points. At present, dealers' thinking is mainly to maintain normal operation, and their enthusiasm for taking goods is not high. Some orders are mainly delivered directly from manufacturers. In terms of price increase, at present, the market price of Shahe basically operates on the cost side. Excessive price increase by dealers will increase the price of goods. All indicators are better than the design demand grid, and there is no obvious upward sign of glass price in the short term. Therefore, the price increase range of dealers should also consider the market price level. The price increase range is low, and some products do not need to raise prices

at present, the northern market is in the busy farming season, and the overall demand for glass slows down due to the lack of personnel and insufficient operating rate of downstream processing manufacturers and upstream deep processing manufacturers. The impact of busy farming and holidays will end in early October. The overall demand for glass will pick up in mid and late October, and the monthly demand for glass will reach the peak of the year. Therefore, the manufacturers are confident in price support at present. On the one hand, the inventory pressure has not yet reached the level of the rainy season, and the manufacturers' funds are loose. At the same time, the increase of production costs puts pressure on the decision-makers on the enterprise profits. On the other hand, Shahe glass production base is under the heavy pressure of environmental protection in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. According to the policy notice, production enterprises in Shahe, including many original glass manufacturers, will be limited by 15% on May 7 in the heating season, and the supply capacity reduction target is 3742 tons/day, which will be implemented in October according to the production limitation plan. Manufacturers are optimistic about the supply-demand relationship in the later stage. Although the inventory has accumulated now, it may not be a good thing for the real implementation of production restriction in the later stage. At present, although the overall shipment has slowed down slightly due to busy farming and holidays, no manufacturer has introduced preferential prices to promote volume, which shows the manufacturer's confidence in supporting prices

since this year, the price of Shahe glass has been leading the domestic market, mainly because the manufacturers are optimistic about the demand in the peak season after the continuous rise of the glass market last year. When the production end and consumption end are basically in balance, the confidence of decision makers is crucial to the market trend. Although the time and intensity of the implementation of production restriction are not yet determined, some manufacturers may take this opportunity to hype up glass prices after or during the National Day holiday. During the National Day holiday, the price of Shahe glass will maintain a stable operation, and will be increased by manufacturers after the holiday. At present, Xinli has planned to increase on the 1st

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