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The "blind date" of key technologies of construction machinery (equipment manufacturing) promotes the strengthening of the industrial chain, supplementing the chain and extending the chain

Changsha Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., hosted by the Changsha Municipal People's government, will also carry out an effective supply and demand docking meeting of key technologies of installation Machinery (equipment manufacturing) and the awarding ceremony of Changsha technology transfer and transformation base, which will be held in Changsha on the 28th

the high-quality development of the construction machinery industry is inseparable from the R & D and application of new technologies and equipment, as well as the collaboration and cooperation of enterprises, associations and R & D institutions in the industrial chain. The docking meeting aims to provide a new platform for the exchange and cooperation between government, enterprises, universities and research institutes in the machinery industry chain from engineering to specimen fracture, and help strengthen, extend and supplement the industry chain

Changsha has gathered a large number of equipment manufacturing enterprises in the construction machinery, automobile and rail transit industrial chain represented by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, SAIC Volkswagen, railway construction heavy industry, etc., and has broad market potential and development space. Among them, the total output value of Changsha construction machinery industry chain in 2019 exceeded 200 billion yuan, and the industry revenue accounted for about 26% of the country. It is the largest construction machinery industry base in China, and has become the world's third largest construction machinery industry cluster after Illinois in the United States and Tokyo in Japan

the core of equipment manufacturing industry is technological innovation. Without mastering the core key technology, it is difficult to achieve high-quality development

in recent years, Changsha has deeply implemented the strategy of "innovation leading, opening up and rising" and fully promoted the construction of "building a national innovation and Creativity Center". It has been rated as a national demonstration city of scientific and technological progress and one of China's top ten innovation cities. Its innovation ability ranks eighth among 78 national innovation cities. This machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper and aviation, packaging, construction Technological innovation in materials such as vehicles has become a strong driving force to promote the high-quality development of Changsha. Deng Zili, vice chairman of Changsha CPPCC, said that this event is a useful attempt to promote scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation in the field of equipment manufacturing. "As the important two poles of achievement transformation, colleges and universities and enterprises, on the one hand, the achievement transformation rate of colleges and universities is low, and a large number of scientific research achievements cannot be transformed into products to form real productivity; on the other hand, enterprises urgently need technology to rely on their own research and development, with long cycle, high cost and low efficiency." He believes that the supply and demand docking will take key technologies as the fulcrum, pry up the two ends of industry and scientific research, connect the two ends of supply and demand, send the key technologies required by enterprises to the door, move the advanced achievements of colleges and universities out of the campus, realize the seamless docking of supply and demand, improve the efficiency of achievement transformation, and enhance the overall competitive strength of the industrial chain

the construction machinery industry in Changsha Economic Development Zone has been upgraded to an industrial cluster of 100 billion yuan. In recent years, the park has accelerated the innovation and development of "two main and one special" industries such as construction machinery, automobile and parts, and electronic information. In particular, the construction machinery industry has accelerated transformation and innovation on the basis of strengthening and optimizing its main industries, and is accelerating the building of a world-class construction machinery industry cluster

he daigui, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone will take the opportunity of the approved Changsha technology transfer and transformation base to help enterprises consolidate the scientific and technological innovation platform, accurately promote the supply and demand matching of scientific and technological achievements, and build the park into a technology transfer and transformation base with global influence

on the same day, seven universities, institutions and enterprises, including Central South University, Hunan University, Changsha University of technology, Changsha University and Changsha mine Research Institute, conducted a technical roadshow for waste foam granulators, and enterprises above the production range of waste foam granulators, releasing 29 key industrial technologies such as ultra wideband radar, high-end manufacturing robots, inertial navigation, mining machinery and hydraulic technology; Four equipment manufacturing enterprises, including Sany group, Hengtian ninth five year plan, railway construction heavy industry and Qitai sensor, released 16 technical requirements; More than 80 enterprises on the chain and colleges and universities attended the meeting reached more than 10 technical contact intentions on the spot

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