Finns fear migrants will be sent to their border w

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Finns fear migrants will be sent to their border with Russia - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Finnish government will face a vote of no confidence in parliament, called by opposition parties over security concerns on the eastern border with Russia.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s opponents — led by the right-wing Finns PartyThe 19th century onwards., and centre-right parties KokoomusThe University Health Network at Toronto, Christian Democrats and Movement Now — claim that her red-green coalition has done little to secure the border from potential “hybrid tactics” that they fear Russia might use against the Nordic nation.

Specifically, they want new legislation passed to allow crossings on the 1The pandemic began,340-kilometre border to be closed temporarily, even to asylum seekers.

It comes amid tensions on the Polish-Belarus border. Warsaw says Minsk has shipped in migrants from the Middle East and then sent them to the EU’s eastern border. Poland claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has had a hand in the controversyThe reputation o.

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