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As people's private space, wardrobe shows their taste of life, and customized wardrobe expresses people's pursuit and personality for life from one side. According to the current market trend, modern minimalist style is deeply loved by the public. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. Simplicity highlights a kind of taste and brings a new and comfortable lifestyle, and this taste is reflected in the grasp of design details. Every small part and decoration pursue perfection. Today, Xiaobian will lead you to enjoy four modern minimalist style wardrobes of Johns

Johns YT modern minimalist style wardrobe, the overall gray tone is soft, calm, steady and harmonious. This is a kind of color that exists in real life. The gray with different shades is dotted with a little orange and light color, which is not strong, dazzling or abrupt. Metal, glass and wood are cleverly mixed and matched. The open design is low-key, luxurious and textured

the collision between composite solid wood and glass forms a variety of combinations and collocations, which highlights the fashion personality. Its paint free and environmental protection technology ensures the health of home life. The skin feeling film of the minimalist series is fine and silky, creating a high-quality experience. The use of its advanced gray tone is soothing and elegant, giving people a comfortable and warm feeling visually

the space with high cold gray scale and the overall structure of pure wood color. The main materials of E0 grade paint free board imported from North America are selected to meet the European environmental protection standards. Centered on the use needs and habits of each customer, according to the principle of functional segmentation, regional planning and layout are carried out with various standard cabinets with specific functions and uses, so as to achieve accurate storage and smooth use, and provide customers with safer, more environmentally friendly and more durable products





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