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There is a kind of cold, which is called the cold at home in southern China. People who have not experienced it will not understand it. Heating in the south basically depends on shaking. The indoor and outdoor temperatures are the same. With the arrival of the cold wave, the whole country is "turning into winter overnight" in the cold wind. There is central heating in the north. No matter how cold it is outside, it will not be cold even if you wear thin clothes when you get home. In the south, because of the poor heating facilities, people can only hide in bed and shiver with cold

although the cold period in winter in the south is not as long as that in the north, it is also unbearable to be wet and cold. Due to historical and geographical reasons, central heating has not been achieved in the south. At present, household heating is mainly adopted in the south, and there are various heating methods, mainly including air conditioning, floor heating, radiators, etc. Although the discussion about whether central heating should be adopted in the South has aroused heated discussion on the Internet, many people support Southern heating. However, central heating in the north is not suitable for the south. First, the transformation investment is very huge, and the heating time in the south is relatively short, which will appear to be more wasteful. Second, the use of central heating will also bring a burden to the environment. The sight of smog besieging the city in the northern heating season is a lesson from the past. Therefore, if heating is needed in the south, household heating is the best choice

in recent years, water and ground heating has been gradually popularized in the southern market. Due to the comfort of water and ground heating, people increasingly favor this kind of heating method. Compared with air-conditioning heating, the heating method of "warm enough and cool at the top" of water and ground heating is more suitable for human health preservation and more guaranteed for the health of the elderly and children

compared with central heating, water and ground heating can realize functions such as room division, household division and intelligent control, and heating is more flexible. When people are not at home, the water temperature can be lowered, and the temperature of each room can be freely controlled. It can be predicted that after the popularization of water and ground heating, the South can also enjoy a more comfortable heating life than the central heating in the north. Whether it is snowing outside or the north wind is biting, the home will be as warm as spring, and there is no difference between the north and the South





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