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Have you ever encountered such a situation when you were decorating? At the beginning, you quoted 38800 yuan, and you got what you want for decoration. After signing the contract and starting the decoration, the price has been rising. The agreed price of 38000 has become 68000 after the decoration. You originally wanted to be cheap, but finally found that the price can't be covered at all

a few days ago, when visiting the market, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network found that many decoration companies in Wuhan often use this means to attract owners. First, secretly raise the price, and then lower it in the name of "discount". In fact, the original seal has not been moved. What they want is to make you feel that it is affordable, but in fact, it does not save money. The names of "concessions" can be found everywhere: "teachers' Day profits", "opening anniversary rewards", "the top 50 people can enjoy 80% discount by signing an agreement". It's simply not necessary to use your brain to come up with a series of ideas. What you want is to hand over the project

in addition, the most commonly used move of home decoration companies is "reducing materials". For example, talc powder is an essential raw material for putty mixing. When calculating the price, it is calculated at 18 yuan per bag, but there are some bags of 3 yuan in the market. According to the consumption of 60 to 100 bags per household, 1000 yuan can be easily obtained, but when you live in it, you will find: "people's walls have been the same for four or five years, how come my family's walls peel only half a year?"

melamine decorative panels used for furniture are divided into Eucalyptus core and poplar core, and the pressure during pressing varies. You can buy it at a low price of more than 30 yuan, and at a high price of 70 or 80 yuan. Looking at the honeycomb like head in the board, people will tell you that it is "specially made to prevent moisture, which will deform if pressed to death." Are you interested in asking layman again? Woodworking board is a big head, and the consumption of a household is about 50 pieces. A piece of poplar core costs more than 30 yuan. The high-grade Liu Eucalyptus core costs 100 to 130 yuan each, and the middle-grade fir core costs 80 to 100 yuan. The account is calculated according to medium and high-grade materials. The pulp inside is low-priced goods. Who doesn't let you understand that it's thousands of Yuan gone

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