The spring of China's high-end industrial software

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Qukaifeng: the spring of China's high-end industrial software is coming

on June 22, 2018 manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The forum was hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China manufacturing enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship development alliance and the industrial interconnection branch of China Software Industry Association, and organized by China Electronics News, Beijing yundao Zhizao Technology Co., Ltd. and China shipbuilding industry comprehensive technical and Economic Research Institute. Qukaifeng, CEO of Beijing yundao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "digestion function entrepreneurship and innovation based on Android simulation" at the forum

there are two difficulties in the industrial simulation platform

1. The user cannot repair or open the machine body by himself. The original accessories shall be used as much as possible for the replacement of internal cable parts Qukaifeng pointed out that compared with consumer Internet, there is no new model for industrial Internet, such as Taobao,, apple, Android and Xiaomi. They adopt the apple model, but the apple model has two major difficulties. First, how to solve the mathematical and software layers; Second, how to develop the app on apple and how to form an ecosystem

however, if a new operating system is developed, users will not like to use it because the conversion cost is relatively high. The same is true in the simulation field. In the new simulation software environment, third-party developers sell software to users, which is a typical application of an interconnection mode in industry. The apple model is particularly suitable for the accumulation and exchange of industrial knowledge, but apple is closed and Android is open source, so it is generally said to emulate Android, not apple. The biggest problem facing industrial interconnection is data. From a technical point of view, data is not used for sharing, so their model is a typical Apple model. Qu Kaifeng believes that the platform should be free

Qu Kaifeng emphasized that the research and development of the mathematics layer and the software layer is no less difficult than making a Windows operating system. They developed the first version after three years. The second difficulty of industrial interconnection will be how to establish an ecology and how to promote ecology in order to provide optimal allocation points for automobile enterprises and users. They and universities face the park development platform in phase I. university teachers are responsible for developing apps, and we provide a platform. They have two principles: one is simulation, the other is platform

in February this year, the Chinese Academy of Engineering formally proposed a new generation of intelligent manufacturing. Digital design and manufacturing are common key technologies of intelligent manufacturing. Modeling and simulation are its scientific basis. Modeling and simulation is the scientific basis of intelligent manufacturing. Last year, academician Zhouji, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, led the establishment of a national innovation center for digital design and manufacturing, which mainly solves two problems, one is simulation technology, and the other is popularization

independent research and development of high-end software is the general trend

Qu Kaifeng believes that so far, China can not produce excellent industrial software, but it is not that Chinese people can not produce excellent industrial software. Many architects in these large enterprises are Chinese, but why can't China produce excellent industrial software? He thinks it is because there is no market demand. However, as the market demand slowly rises, a number of high-end software will emerge in the domestic market. This is a general trend. It is like spring, and trees will sprout

but now industrial software is struggling. Why? Because the rise of software in American industry due to the particularity of electronic universal experimental machine fixture is not the result of the market, it is believed that the carton enterprises can be divided into three categories, which are incubated by NASA first and then expanded through marketization. The development of China's industrial software also needs this

Qu Kaifeng stressed that it is very dangerous for industrial app to use foreign platform foundation. Because foreign countries clearly know which products we are developing, and can sense the domestic economic fluctuation cycle

Beijing yundao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. wants to make a Chinese version of the simulation operating system. It is a typical start-up company. Why do large enterprises shout more about innovation and entrepreneurship than small and medium-sized enterprises? Because small and medium-sized enterprises are doing it instead of shouting. Qu Kaifeng pointed out that innovation generally comes from marginal organizations and small organizations. Innovation and entrepreneurship need the six in one of large enterprises, small enterprises and the government. Small enterprises have some ideas and original things. Large enterprises become bigger and quickly incubate through the government

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