The spring 2014 high voltage inverter maintenance

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Lide Huafu successfully completed the training of high voltage inverter maintenance engineers in the spring of 2014. In April, electrical equipment management users from different industries from all over the world gathered in Beijing. After a week of training, the students not only mastered the basic principle, function, application, daily maintenance, common fault handling and other knowledge of high-voltage inverter through theoretical study, but also deeply learned the internal structure of high-voltage inverter, simple fault diagnosis and other important contents through factory practice. More importantly, through training and exchange, students from different industries shared their experience in the use of high-voltage inverter in various industries, which is of great benefit to improve the equipment management level

as an important part of Lidehuafu's worry free value system, Lidehuafu will continue to enrich the training content and build the training of maintenance engineers into an important platform for users to update and consolidate inverter knowledge, exchange use experience and improve equipment management ability

Lide Huafu has no worries in the whole process

about Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

as a leading enterprise in the high-voltage inverter industry, Lide Huafu has always focused on providing users with integrated solutions such as automation control and energy-saving technology transformation. The technical level and market influence of high-voltage inverter are in the leading position in the world. At present, Lide Huafu high-voltage inverter has been used in six continents and 20 relaxation testing machines in many countries around the world, and its market share (China) has been the first for nine consecutive years

efficiency first and foremost

Lide Huafu was founded in 1998. It is one of the earliest professional manufacturers in China to develop, produce and sell high-voltage frequency converters. In the future, more factories will establish professional manufacturers. As a national high-tech enterprise, Lidehuafu has won the honorary titles of torch project, Chinese famous brand, top ten brands, etc. to test the maximum bearing force, tensile strength, elongation deformation, elongation and other technical indicators of materials. It is the main drafting and approval unit of the national inverter standard, the first enterprise in the industry to pass the three in one certification, and the only high-voltage inverter enterprise that has been listed in the Forbes enterprise potential list for four consecutive years. Lidehuafu is currently the leader in the application of maximum power level high-voltage inverter in China, and has continuously created many firsts in the domestic high-voltage inverter industry, making outstanding contributions to global energy conservation and emission reduction

caring for customers with an open mind

PVC door and window reinforced steel jg/t 131 ⑵ 000 in 2011, Lide Huafu joined Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert among the world's top 500. With years of market service experience, it not only established a customer value-added service platform, but also established an energy-saving technology service company (EMC) that has passed the review of the national development and Reform Commission. EMC can provide users with a variety of professional overall solutions, and save up to 30% of power consumption for enterprise customers through various energy-saving technological transformation

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