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Is the spring of "water-based paint" coming

spring is the peak season for home decoration. Beautifying the home environment, of course, is inseparable from the coating as a decorative material. Nowadays, the R & D of coatings is also keeping up with the trend. While continuously improving the practical functions, it also focuses on health and environmental protection. Many furniture and home decoration materials have started the road of "water-based"

Market Research: water-based paint has quietly taken a firm foothold in the home decoration market

a "running brother" in the coating industry is being staged in the home decoration building materials industry. In this competition, the water-based paint in the environmental protection coating takes the lead

recently visited four large home decoration building materials markets and home shopping malls in Beijing, including the "incredibly home" in Shilihe, the "B & Q" in Malian Road, the Hepingli building materials City, and the "Red Star Macalline" home experience shopping mall in dahuangzhuang. It was found that the environmentally friendly coating based on water-based paint was favored by consumers

"I want to buy a water paint, the most environmentally friendly one." In the "incredibly home" living hall in Shilihe, a customer asked the salesperson as soon as he entered the door. The salesperson explained with a smile: "all we sell now are water-based environmental friendly paints, which have long been replaced." On the shelves of home decoration coatings, the colorful small barrels are marked with the words "water-based"

in these home decoration building materials markets, it is found that the interior paint of the building wall is almost 100% covered with water-based paint, and there is no shadow of oil-based paint at all; While the wood lacquer is partly water-based and partly oil-based. In terms of price, the price of water-based wood paint is generally higher than that of oil-based wood paint, and the price of some imported water paint is up to 1000-2000 yuan a barrel (5L)

"in China, the direct cost of the transition from the production of oil-based paint furniture to the production of water-based paint furniture may increase by 10% - 30%. In addition, it involves not only the replacement of paint, but also the transformation of production lines and product changes, which requires a lot of money to complete the transformation, so the water-based paint products are more expensive." A building materials market salesperson said

according to the survey, the sales of water-based paint in both physical stores and stores are considerable. "Now water-based paints are very popular. The best one can sell at least 200 barrels a day." An entity brand salesperson said. However, in some stores that sell paint, the average daily sales of some domestic popular brands can reach more than 100000 yuan, while the sales of imported brands are relatively small, about 50000-100000 yuan

industry analysis: water-based paint has driven the rapid growth of environment-friendly coatings.

"the so-called water-based paint is a coating that uses water as a solvent or as a dispersion medium and does not contain organic solvents. It includes three types: water-soluble, water diluted and must be repaired in time, and water dispersible (emulsion paint). It can be used on wood, metal, plastic, glass, building surfaces and other materials." Ma Jun, chief engineer of China Coating Industry Association, said

since the water-based paint does not contain organic solvents such as benzene and xylene, nor does it need curing agent, and it will bring a breakthrough change to China's EPS industry, less volatile organic compounds (VOC) are emitted in the production process. Therefore, with the enhancement of health awareness and the strengthening of environmental protection law enforcement, the water-based paint continues to heat up, almost becoming a synonym for environmental protection coatings

Ma Jun said that there are actually many kinds of environmentally friendly coatings, including solvent-free coatings such as powder coatings, UV curing coatings and high solid coatings, but these coatings have a relatively small market share. The water-based coatings have the fastest development and the largest market share

at the "2017 China coatings and pigments annual conference" held recently, the "2016 China coatings industry economic operation and future trend analysis report" issued by the China Coatings Industry Association pointed out that in 2016, the National Coatings production and sales increased by about 7.2%, of which the production and sales of water-based coatings increased by 100%. This means that water-based paint is driving the rapid growth of environment-friendly coatings

according to the 13th five year plan of China's coating industry, by 2020, environmentally friendly coatings will account for 57% of the total output of coatings. In cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there are already some favorable policies and regulations to promote the "oil" to "water". For example, in order to comprehensively promote the substitution of water-based paint for oil-based paint, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei jointly issued and implemented the standard for limiting the content of volatile organic compounds in architectural coatings and adhesives

in foreign countries, water-based paint has entered a mature stage of development. Taking the European market as an example, since january1,2007, EU countries began to implement the new paint standard EU decorative coatings guidelines (2007-2010). Solvent based paints are completely prohibited from being used in interior decoration, as well as the production and sales of solvent based paints. This means that European home decoration has completely become the world of water-based paint

however, the market promotion of water-based paint is still less mature than that of traditional paint. Sunlianying, President of China Coatings Association, said: "at present, the coating effect of most domestic water-based coatings can not fully achieve the same effect as that of traditional coatings, and the coating process of water-based coatings is relatively affected by the construction environment. Therefore, in order to truly occupy the market, water-based coatings should continue to improve in technology research and development and core technology research."

the seller said: the market potential is great. I also choose to enter the water-based paint industry.

Wang Youjing, 35, has been engaged in the paint industry for nearly 12 years. In the first 10 years, he worked in an internationally renowned paint brand. However, in early 2016, Wang Youjing made a surprising decision: to leave the original platform and enter the water-based paint industry

wangyoujing said that at present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities have issued regulations on the sales of painted furniture. For example, in july2015, Beijing issued the emission standard of air pollutants for wooden furniture manufacturing industry, requiring wooden furniture to reduce the use of oil-based paint and gradually replace it with water-based paint. According to the standard, after 2017, Beijing wooden furniture will be completely prohibited from using oil-based paint, otherwise it will not be sold in the Beijing market

since 2011, Shenzhen has introduced the government subsidy policy of replacing "oil" with "water" in furniture painting; In 2015, technical specifications were issued to completely ban unqualified decoration materials such as paints, solvent based paints and adhesives that seriously endanger the health of citizens, making it the first city in China to ban the sale of paints

"after more than 10 years of practice, I have a deep understanding of the coating industry. With the increasingly strict requirements of the state on environmental protection and the higher requirements of the people on health, I feel that water-based paint has a bright development prospect and great market potential, which is the trend of the coating industry in the future."

wangyoujing said that at present, the market acceptance and recognition of water-based paint are very high. Due to the health and environmental protection characteristics of water-based paint, it can be brushed and lived immediately without peculiar smell. Many home decoration companies and individuals take the initiative to come to the door to buy and use

there is impact and vibration phenomenon

"taking the southern Shandong and Northern Jiangsu areas I am responsible for as an example, from 2013 to 2015, the market share of water-based paint in the local market was 2% - 3%. From the beginning of 2016 to now, the market share of water-based paint can basically reach 8% - 10%. This reflects that the market is more and more accepting of water-based paint."

the investigation found that in some building materials cities and home decoration material supermarkets in Beijing, the four-year low price life of water-based paint marked with slogans such as "low VOC" and "full effect of formaldehyde resistance" has become a thing of the past everywhere. Almost every brand focuses on "environmental protection" and "health"; The price ranges from more than 100 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. The salespersons also insisted on their own words, claiming that their products were the most environmentally friendly and safe. A wide variety of products dazzles consumers

Dai Zizhu, a distinguished expert of the indoor environment and health branch of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences and a researcher of the Institute of environment and health related product safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the choice of environmentally friendly coatings should not depend solely on the price. First, domestic products should see whether there is the "ten rings" icon of the Chinese environmental standard, and imported products should see the local authoritative certification marks; Second, be sure to check the product test report

Professor Dai Zizhu said that the biggest feature of water-based paint is that the release of VOC and benzene series is small. Consumers should have a better understanding of relevant indicators before buying. For example, refer to the national environmental standards technical requirements for environmental labeling products - water based coatings (HJ) and technical requirements for environmental labeling products - furniture (HJ) issued by the Ministry of environmental protection

in the previous standard, the VOC content of interior wall paint finish is not higher than 50g/l, and the total amount of benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene is not more than 100mg/kg. In the latter standard, the VOC content of polyurethane finish paint, primer paint, nitro paint and alkyd paint shall not exceed 500g/l-600g/l, 570g/l, 650g/l and 450g/l respectively. These standard values are an important basis for environmental protection of coatings

of course, compared with paint, the content of harmful substances in wooden furniture is much higher. "Some consumers put a lot of boards and furniture on their houses, which is equivalent to moving in as a source of pollution." Professor Dai Zizhu suggested, "do not over decorate."

Professor Dai Zizhu said that after the overall decoration is completed, the doors and windows should be closed for 12 hours, and an authoritative organization should be found for testing to ensure that the indoor air quality meets the standard. Monitor various environmental indicators, such as formaldehyde and benzene, according to indoor air quality standard (gb/t)

expert answers

is it the most environmentally friendly to raise goldfish

some salespeople claim that the VOC content of water-based paint products can approach zero, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it can also raise fish

is it the most environmentally friendly to raise goldfish? Professor jizhijiang, director of the Institute of environmental materials science and engineering, China Academy of building materials science, gave a negative answer: raising goldfish in paint is only a temporary phenomenon, which does not prove how environmentally friendly paint is. We should know that the living environment of fish and people is different. We can also see that some fish can still survive in the polluted ditch. Therefore, whether the coating is environmentally friendly should not be judged by whether it can raise fish, but by the content of VOC and heavy metals in relevant test reports

is colorless and tasteless the healthiest

some buyers believe that the previous oil-based paint has a strong smell, so it is harmful to human body. As long as you choose colorless and tasteless, it is the most environmentally safe

in this regard, Professor jizhijiang reminded consumers: colorless and tasteless does not mean that there is no harm to human body, because the paint also contains various heavy metals. Whether the heavy metals exceed the standard or not, we need to see the relevant test report. In addition, in the indoor pollutants, in addition to the pungent smell of formaldehyde and benzene, many substances are colorless and tasteless

when viewing the test report, it should also be noted that due to different test conditions, methods and products, different equipment detection lines, and different test reports. Therefore, it is necessary to know the accurate values of VOC, benzene homologues, heavy metals, etc

teach you a trick

how to distinguish between true and false water-based paints

water based paint has won the favor of decoration owners for its excellent environmental protection, but most consumers will not distinguish between true and false. According to insiders, it can be realized through texture, smell, state and other aspects

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