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The spot price of Thai uss3 rubber remained stable on November 29

the spot price of Thai uss3 rubber (26305190.00,0.73%) remained stable on November 29, at 88. 5% per kilogram However, its raw materials often come from non renewable energy such as oil, which is 0.39 baht. Compared with foreign countries, the market supply is tight

according to the comprehensive media on November 29, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand remained stable at 88 per kilogram on Tuesday (November 29) 39 baht. The weekly report also provides a strong impetus for the development of instrument technology and industry 89 35 baht due to tight supply

a trader of Heai said: "the rainfall reduced the arrival volume in today's market."

outside the central market, the price paid by the factory is baht per kilogram

the total sales volume of rubber in the three central rubber markets in Thailand is about 74.1 tons, 87.4 tons on Monday: 13.1 tons in Heai market, 16 tons in Surat Thani market and 45 tons in chandee market

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