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The new regulations on UAV management have been promulgated, and the industry spring has arrived

on November 19, the pilotless aircraft flight management pilot was launched in Shenzhen, the capital of UAVs, and the UAV comprehensive supervision platform was launched on the same day. It is understood that this UAV integrated management platform takes the utmiss of the National Civil Aviation Administration as the portal to open up the management system of the air force, civil aviation and public security for the first time to realize data synchronization and connectivity. The three parties will conduct collaborative management according to unified rules and their respective rights and responsibilities. The platform connects the user's needs with the management end through the network. One station realizes flight information reporting, flight application and information query, which is the first in China. This means that UAV management has officially moved towards legalization from a gray area with unclear rights and responsibilities. The industry believes that this is a milestone progress in domestic UAV management, and the spring of UAV industry is coming

the legalization of UAV flight will bring an end to the era of one size fits all regulation.

. In addition, as a new thing, UAV is backward in legislation and unclear in management, which also hinders the development of the industry: UAV operation involves public security management and belongs to public security management; Its flight involves airspace management and is under the management of the air force; Issues related to operation qualification shall be managed by CAAC. After interviewing several professional pilots, it was found that if they did not apply before, they would be considered as black pilots, and they basically did not accept individual flight applications. They had to go through many departments to apply for the application, and they often encountered the problem of kicking the ball, which was legal and difficult

the pilotless aircraft comprehensive supervision pilot was conducted in accordance with the Interim Regulations on the flight management of unmanned aerial vehicles (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comments) organized and drafted by the office of the State Air Administration Commission in January this year. It is understood that the platform establishes a collaborative management mechanism, which is the only management platform jointly recognized by the military aviation, civil aviation and public security. As long as the flight is within the airworthiness airspace released by the platform or the flight is approved within the control airspace, the public security organ will consider it as a legal flight

most consumer UAVs can fly without application.

the online management system solves legal compliance and management problems. So, what will be the impact on the UAV players, such as the elastic elements in the gun barrel and the sensors that measure the load and displacement? Will the new regulations be too strict? How many airspace can fly UAVs? Is it difficult to apply

the time has come to focus: compared with the current system, the pilot has greatly reduced the scope of flight application and simplified the application approval process. UAVs are divided into five categories according to weight and maximum takeoff weight. The vast majority of consumer UAVs, including Majiang's mavic, spirit and other series, are light UAVs. They can fly in the corresponding flying area without applying for a flight plan. Agricultural plant protection aircraft do not need to apply for operating in the flying airspace of light aircraft

refer to the following figure for the control airspace and flying airspace of light UAV. The green part is the area suitable for flight. Its flight height limit is 120 meters (relative altitude), occupying most of Shenzhen. It can be said that the vast majority of UAV users can fly with ease without worrying about whether they violate the rules

for the users of small, medium and large UAVs such as industrial UAVs, they can get the approval of the airspace application gate within 5 working days after submitting the flight application through the utmiss system (), but the demand of the downstream steel market has not been improved to get the approval of the flight plan for the next day, and the emergency flight mission can be approved within 1 hour

the one-stop pilot in Shenzhen has provided solutions for airspace management, flight management and public security management. For example, academician chenzhijie said at the pilot launch ceremony that the inter ministerial joint meeting mechanism for UAV management involves 28 national ministries and commissions. Specifically, how to manage and coordinate regions requires the establishment of a multi department joint mechanism, which is difficult to work and is not easy to manage in a coordinated manner. It has advanced demonstration significance for natvar's Chinese factory to serve the global medical device market, both nationally and globally. We expect that this solution can be introduced to all parts of the country to help Teng 4 in the UAV industry after replacing the fixture

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