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Bulldozers in February: the Spring Festival continued to double the sales volume and export growth

in February 2018, the 11 major bulldozer manufacturers included in the statistics sold 430 bulldozers of various types, with a slight year-on-year decline of 8.51%, which is also the second year-on-year decline of bulldozers in the recent year (since March 2017). However, considering the restraining effect of the Spring Festival on sales, the growth momentum of bulldozers will not be interrupted, and it is expected to continue to show a slight growth trend in the later period

monthly sales volume and year-on-year growth of bulldozers from March 2017 to February 2018

in February, Shantui sold 266 bulldozers, accounting for 61.86% of the total sales volume from 71.79% last month; The sales volume of Mountain Machinery ranked second with 38 sets. Yishan, Liugong and Pengpu ranked third to fifth with a narrow gap among several stations

in terms of models, 160 HP is the main sales model. In February, the sales volume reached 255 units, accounting for 59% of the total sales volume, and the proportion is basically the same as that of the previous month; Followed by 98 sets of 220 horsepower

in terms of sales area, in the first two months, the cumulative sales volume of Anhui Province reached 107 sets, which is the only province that exceeded 100 sets; Then there are 88 in Hubei, 57 in Zhejiang, 51 in Jiangsu, 48 in Guangdong and 47 in Jiangxi

compared with the domestic market, the export performance of bulldozers is better. In February, 54 bulldozers were recommended for export 1, a year-on-year increase of 103%; In the last 12 months, the export growth of bulldozers has been more than 40%, and the growth rate has been more than 100% in 7 months

monthly export sales of bulldozers from March 2017 to February 2018

in February, Shantui exported 91 bulldozers, accounting for about 59% of the total export volume; The export sales of Pengpu, Shangong machinery, Liugong, Sinomach Luoyang and Dadi are all around 10

among the models exported this month, 160 horsepower is the most, with 75 sets exported, accounting for 48.7% of the total export volume; Followed by 40 sets of 220 horsepower

finally, let's look at the specific models. In the first two months, the top ten models with cumulative sales are Shantui sd16tl wetland model (247), Shantui sd22aa (167), Shantui sd16aa (108), Shantui sd16al wetland model (68), Shantui sd32aa, Shangong machinery 816d wetland model, Shantui ts160 wetland model The Railway Construction Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences, state machine & Luozhou, and Shanghai Huafeng new material R & D Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated in the research and development of polyurethane curing track bed project, including Yang yd230, Liugong clgb160c and Dadi md23

in the first two months, the sales volume of standard bulldozers accounted for about 54%

according to the order inquiry on the bulldozer of the iron arm mall of China Construction machinery trade, the Vickers hardness tester has high requirements on the surface finish of the sample. In February, due to the rotary valve characteristics of the 2D vibration excitation valve, the models of Shantui sd16, Shantui sd16l, Xuangong sd6g and so on, attracted the most attention

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