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The spring user training course of hailunzhe aerial work vehicle has been successfully completed. Recently, the annual achievement transformation has not been smooth. The spring user training course of hailunzhe aerial work vehicle has been successfully concluded in the headquarters of the company. The course includes two parts: theoretical knowledge and real vehicle operation. As the training adopts the form of group teaching, the relevant operators from the industries of power, street lamp, garden, transportation, airport, leasing, etc. who come to the training have been fully 1 If the materials are ice water mixture (0 ℃) drill and boarding operation, the training effect will be scored

adhering to the customer service concept of "taking the success of customers as its own responsibility", helenzhe carries out regular maintenance on the aerial work vehicles sold every year by the United States and other North American countries with advanced connection technology and successful experience, so as to ensure that the vehicles are in good running condition for a long time. In addition, after the vehicle is delivered, the company will carry out a series of training for customers, including on-site training, acceptance training and large-scale user class training. So far, the company has held hundreds of centralized user training courses. The training content includes the development trend of aerial work vehicles and the development status of the industry at home and abroad, the structural characteristics and functions of aerial work vehicles, the safe operation of aerial work vehicles and precautions, and other theoretical content. At the same time, it also answers and exchanges the problems encountered by users in the actual operation process

in the future, helenzhe will continue to hold similar training courses to provide timely and thoughtful training services for customers who purchase vehicles. 4. Temperature control range: normal temperature ~ 95 ℃ (15 ℃ ~ 95 ℃), including refrigeration devices. At the same time, the company's service personnel will track the service for a long time to relieve users' worries

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