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The spring of home-made bar code printers has sounded. The top unit is cattle/meter ^2. Introduction to industry technology

for many years, China's printer market has been monopolized by foreign brands, as have all kinds of special printers! Change and challenge have been burning like fire in the hearts of Chinese people, but they have no alternative; Like the elites in the industry, Zhongdao industry started from the basic commercial bar code machine

the research and development of bar code printer requires highly sophisticated technical strength. Generally speaking, it takes more than years of arduous trek, and Zhongdao industry has completed this process in the shortest time by introducing domestic and foreign technical talents. Meanwhile, Nakajima industrial transferred top technical personnel to form a core R & D team to fully tackle the lg-600 industrial barcode machine. The huge investment finally paid off: Zhongdao industry broke through a number of technical barriers in a short time. Redan industrial bar code printer was successfully developed and soon put into production

the redan industrial barcode printer, which has its own core technology, has obvious advantages in product durability and economy: the structure of the redan industrial barcode printer is designed with metal in the good development of the plastic market, with a maximum printing load of 20000 meters in 24 hours. Even if the train ticket is printed continuously for 24 hours, 800000 pieces can be printed continuously, and 2.5 million pieces of small sheet labels can be printed continuously for 24 hours. The service life of the whole machine is more than twice that of similar products, It can reduce the maintenance cost to the greatest extent for users, and will directly bring economic benefits to users in combination with the industrial chain advantages of Zhongdao industry from barcode label software carbon belt to barcode machine

redan industrial barcode printer has a unique motherboard production process; Equipped with three yellow adjustment knobs:

1 The paper regulator can adjust the size of the paper card slot according to the paper width by displaying the load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental curve and other two knobs in real time and dynamically, so as to facilitate the fixed position of the paper for printing

2. Paper sensor: especially for the positioning of clothing tag holes, the gap positioning of jewelry labels and the positioning of some special labels such as data

3. Left and right position adjustment of rear large roll paper: it can be centered, left or right

Chinese and English display, which can be adjusted by touching the button, and is not limited by the working environment and language environment; It can print continuous serial numbers and connect to the database for batch printing; Convenient modular design, the machine adopts USB and parallel port, and the placement of spiral cutter can be selected at will

as a bar code industry that has long been the focus of European and American brands, many people of insight have been making continuous efforts to skip the conventional bar code development path and realize that industrial bar code printers have entered the ranks of domestic top technologies, which is not completed overnight. However, Zhongdao industry has achieved this leap. Here is the persistent pursuit of Zhongdao industry and its consistent enthusiasm for national industry

two years ago, the technician of Jiangnan bar code met an old overseas Chinese in the United States. When he learned that we were from Chinese Mainland, he held my hand tightly and said: thanks to the people of the motherland, the country has become strong, and our overseas compatriots also have a bright face. I believe that all Chinese, like the old overseas Chinese, the vigorous development of various undertakings in the motherland is the supreme glory of the Chinese people Although the start of scientific and technological products has been completed, as long as there are customers and beliefs in mind, just like Zhongdao industrial bar code machine, it will certainly bring new technological breakthroughs to the industry

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