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On March 1, the "made in Zhejiang" group standard kick-off meeting and seminar of "made in Zhejiang" group standard for low voltage metering box was held in Yineng Electric Co., Ltd. from oujiangkou Quality Supervision Branch, Wenzhou Standards Research Institute, Zhejiang Hangzhou power supply company, Wenzhou industry and Trade Vocational and technical college, Wenzhou quality and technical supervision and testing institute Leaders and experts from Tianzheng Group and other departments and units attended the meeting

standards are the commanding heights of manufacturing industry. If you master the voice of standards, you will occupy the commanding heights of manufacturing. "Made in Zhejiang" is a regional brand image sign that takes "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification and international recognition" as the core, takes "standard certification" as the means, integrates quality, technology, service and reputation, and is recognized by the market and the society as representing the progressiveness of Zhejiang manufacturing industry. It is the "benchmark" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry and "can automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, fracture force value and other experimental data, It is synonymous with high quality and high level

Yineng Electric is a member of the national transmission and distribution technical cooperation standard for all computer high-speed sampling, and a member of Zhejiang transmission and Distribution Industry Association. It actively participates in the discussion of industry organizations every year. According to the requirements of national companies, the company has established its own R & D center and inspection center, actively participates in the discussion, formulation and revision of standards organized by industry associations, and applies the innovative achievements of the enterprise to the formulation of standards, It has greatly enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise

in 2018, the "made in Zhejiang" group standard for low voltage metering boxes declared by Yineng Electric Co., Ltd. was successfully approved to be included in the "fifth batch of" made in Zhejiang "standard formulation plan in 2018" of Zhejiang brand building Federation. Internationally, the standard is led by Wenzhou Standards Research Institute

at the kick-off meeting, the person in charge of standard drafting of Yineng Electric Co., Ltd. introduced the enterprise development, industry development status, main product characteristics, etc., focusing on the detailed introduction and explanation of the group standard draft of "Zhejiang can clearly see manufacturing on the electronic tensile testing machine deformation (or stress-strain) curve" in the low voltage measuring box and the embodiment of its progressiveness

the participating experts held heated discussions from the aspects of product manufacturing process, performance indicators, inspection and testing equipment support and quality commitment, striving to adhere to the progressiveness and top-notch requirements of the "made in Zhejiang" standard, and from the very beginning to raise the benchmark, so as to achieve the purpose of leading the industry and connecting with the world. The meeting also established a standards working group

in the next step, the standard working group will further form a standard exposure draft based on the modification opinions put forward by experts, solicit opinions widely, and complete the review and approval of the standard

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