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The degradable plastics industry is coming! According to the opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment in January, 2020, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw will be prohibited in the catering industry nationwide by the end of 2020; Non degradable disposable plastic tableware is forbidden to be used in the catering service in the built-up areas and scenic spots of cities above the prefecture level. What has been the effect of the new plastic restriction order since its implementation

recently, according to the interview and investigation, under the stimulation of market demand, enterprises are stepping up production and racing against time to seize the market opportunity. However, constrained by the high cost, the coverage of the new version of the plastic restriction order is far from meeting the requirements, and the market urgently needs to issue industry standards to regulate it

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with the help of the new version of the plastic restriction order, manufacturers are accelerating the production and construction of degradable plastics. "This project is currently under active construction among China's top 500 enterprises, and will be put into operation in another 10 months. The degradable plastics industry has a promising future. To seize the opportunity, we should race against the clock. Under the control of the high-power startling tube switch, the sooner the better." On February 2, the person in charge of Ruifeng Gaocai (300243) office surnamed Yang told the Economic Herald

in March, 2020, Ruifeng advanced materials announced that it planned to invest no more than 320million yuan to build a 60000 ton/year PBAT biodegradable plastic project in the existing plant. When the project reaches production capacity, the company is expected to enjoy early dividends in the degradable plastic industry

the new version of the plastic restriction order has also accelerated the R & D and production of alternative products for traditional plastic manufacturers. "We have an annual output of 1billion sets of plastic tableware, and have been gradually developing towards degradability." Recently, Liu Wei, technical director of Shandong Jiajie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., disclosed to the economic herald that the mass production of biodegradable products will soon be realized

the Economic Herald also learned that Shandong Senna Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is also accelerating the conversion to degradable plastic tableware. At present, the annual production capacity has reached 2million pieces

as the sunshine of a large plastic production city, the pace of transformation and upgrading to the degradable plastic industry is also accelerating. It is reported that there are more than 800 plastic products manufacturing enterprises in Rizhao, with an average daily output of more than 3000 tons. Building an industry university research platform and planning for industrial transformation and upgrading are becoming an important task for local plastic product manufacturers. "We will focus on building a new material industrial park in Liuguanzhuang Town, Ju county, covering a total area of 6.77 square kilometers, and develop new material industries focusing on high-end plastics, fiber plates, nano aluminum materials, etc." Rizhao Municipal Development and Reform Commission said

coverage does not meet the requirements

the prospect of degradable plastics industry is optimistic by manufacturers. However, at present, the market coverage of degradable products has not met the requirements - large businesses have performed well in the replacement of degradable plastics products, while most small businesses have not been able to implement it

recently, at Hualian Supermarket on the ground floor of Huaiyin square in Jinan, the Economic Herald noticed that the shopping bags have been replaced with biodegradable plastic bags. However, due to the high cost, the price also doubled. "1.2/piece of the largest size. Previously, only 0.3 pieces were non degradable." The cashier said

"the company has done a lot of work in advance in the production arrangement of degradable plastic bags and the bidding of enterprises, and began to make preparations two months before the implementation of the plastic restriction order." Zhangdongzheng, director of Jinan Hualian Group supermarket convenience store, told the Economic Herald

the Economic Herald visited many farmers' markets and community supermarkets in Jinan and found that non degradable plastic bags are still widely used. Some small businesses settled in large urban complexes have also failed to complete the replacement of degradable plastic products. In a beverage store on the third floor of harmony square, the straw provided by the clerk to the Economic Herald is still a non degradable plastic product. "We didn't receive the notice of the plastic restriction order." The clerk explained

The Economic Herald learned from authoritative channels that last year, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission conducted an investigation on the production and sales of plastic product manufacturers. According to the investigation, the insufficient production capacity and high cost of substitutes hindered the promotion of plastic pollution control

Shouguang jinyuandong Modified Starch Co., Ltd. can produce 20000 tons of lactic acid, lactide and polylactic acid annually, which are the main raw materials of degradable plastics. At present, the company is optimizing the process parameters and formula, trying to reduce the product cost. "Because from the previous sales situation, the product cost is high and the promotion is difficult." A person in charge of the company told the Economic Herald

"taking polylactic acid degradable plastic bags as an example, the cost is about 2 to 3 times that of traditional polyethylene plastic bags. In addition, it has high requirements for temperature and humidity." Heze City, a plastic products manufacturing enterprises, said the relevant person

he said that the cost of replacing disposable plastic straw with paper straw was high, and the water resistance was poor because it could not be covered with film; It is convenient and practical to replace it with a seaweed straw, but the cost will be higher

the market survey also confirms the views of the above-mentioned production enterprises. "A foamed plastic lunch box can be bought at a wholesale price of 9 cents, while the price of a pulp lunch box is about 0.35 to 1." Lu, the sales manager of Shandong Tianhe Green Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., gave an example to the Economic Herald

"for medium-sized plastic bags, you can buy 0.3 non degradable ones, 0.9 to 1.2 degradable ones, and 1.5 for large ones." Zhoujinglun, deputy general manager of Shandong Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., disclosed

there is an urgent need for industry standards and specifications

in addition to the cost factor, it is also difficult to fully realize the original consumption experience of alternative products under the new plastic restriction order. Recently, when Chen, a white-collar worker in Jinan, went to a restaurant to spend money, he encountered a problem: "the paper straw became soft without waiting for a drink. It's not easy to use."

however, this also leaves a lot of room for R & D and innovation of alternative products. In this regard, some enterprises have reported that it is urgent to accelerate the replacement of alternative products with industry standards and specifications

Zhou Jinglun said that at present, the market is full of a large number of unqualified products such as ultra-thin film and ultra-thin plastic bags, which have affected the normal operation of alternative products; The enterprises and distribution channels of substitute products are in the initial stage, and it is difficult to achieve rapid and universal substitution only by relying on their own strength; The standard system of substitute products is not perfect, and it is difficult to quickly distinguish the authenticity

"it is suggested to further strengthen the investigation and law enforcement of unqualified and non-conforming products; increase the direct subsidies to the manufacturers of alternative products; increase the support and subsidies for the construction of alternative product channels; and increase the support for the formulation of alternative product standards." Zhou Jinglun said

"at present, the difficulty we are facing is that we need to gradually open the domestic market, and the development of the industry will take time. Degradable plastics are mainly used in disposable plastic products, and the price of traditional plastics is lower than that of degradable plastics, which has more advantages. Therefore, the state needs to vigorously promote it, and at the same time, give certain support policies to enterprises at the initial stage, so that the industry can develop rapidly." Li Li, a senior analyst at jinlianchuang, told the Economic Herald

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