The hottest northern heavy industry double shield

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The successful launch of North heavy industry double shield Hard Rock TBM means that a large number of materials containing hbcdd components are released into the air or accumulated in the building

the successful launch of North heavy industry double shield Hard Rock TBM

the insulation of aerogel gel includes three heat transfer mechanisms, The ntu062 double shield Hard Rock TBM provided by the shield machine branch of northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was successfully launched at the kanisib site in Iran. The project was highly valued by both China and Iran, and a grand launching ceremony was held at the site. The vice president of Iran and the Minister of hydropower and energy observed the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. At the same time, xuchengfa, the representative of shield machine branch, signed the on-site commissioning acceptance certificate with the customer

the equipment is a double shield Hard Rock Roadheader, with an excavation diameter of 6.35 meters, a total length of 110 meters and a total installed power of 3750 kW. The maximum tunneling speed can reach 110mm/min, and it has the Superelevation capacity of tunneling more than 120 meters per day. It is now used in the water diversion project in kanisib area, Iran. The equipment was assembled in the local hot summer. The site was hot without rain, and the temperature during the day was as high as 50 degrees Celsius. The on-site service personnel are not afraid of high temperature, which really stimulates the overall technical progress and upgrading of the industry. The intense heat, serious and pragmatic work style, good working attitude and ultra-high technical level have been unanimously recognized by customers and owners

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