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Northern traffic road maintenance vehicle service for the construction of Yunnan Guizhou Expressway

Northern traffic road maintenance vehicle service for the construction of Yunnan Guizhou Expressway

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recently, a good news came from the Yunnan Guizhou sales region that the kfm5126tyh multi-function road maintenance vehicle, a product of northern traffic group, was successfully applied to the construction of Guizhou expressway. According to the customer's feedback, the reasonable protection and maintenance of the equipment in the harsh environment of hypoxia at high altitude can prolong the service life of the machine in good condition, while the humanized after-sales service and equipment maintenance of northern transportation also make them "buy at ease and use intimately"

Northern transportation road maintenance vehicle service Highway Construction in Yunnan Guizhou region

Northern transportation has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of maintenance machinery for many years. The group's maintenance equipment is distributed in many provinces and cities in China, and has won a good reputation in the industry with excellent performance and quality. 1. The component of pressure testing machine has gained a good reputation. The kfm5126tyh multi-functional road maintenance vehicle, which serves the construction of Guizhou Expressway this time, has complete functionality and stability. Its three core technical advantages have reached the international leading level, and it is a leader in similar equipment. First of all, its asphalt heating and insulation system is equipped with three-layer insulation high-capacity asphalt tank, which adopts the internationally advanced heat transfer oil circulation heating method, and the asphalt price is generally weakly stable. The pipeline is fully insulated, avoiding the phenomenon of "condensation" and greatly extending the construction period, which is very important for the construction of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau; Secondly, the mixing drum system is equipped with a large capacity 2D exciter, which is the core of the control system of the electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine. The composite blade drop type hollow mixing drum can bake and mix new materials, and also realize the regeneration of old materials, saving resources. This technology is also one of the core technical advantages of Kaifan brand, which is unmatched by other similar products; Third, the advanced metering and PLC control system makes the proportion of oilstone more accurate, and the whole construction task can be easily completed by checking the metering control once

service extends quality, and quality wins customers. This time, Guizhou Expressway Party chose northern transportation, which is the deep trust and recognition of the group's product quality and service. Northern transportation will also, as always, provide customers with careful after-sales service and equipment maintenance, and help the construction of Yunnan Guizhou Expressway

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