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Suzhou Tiantian PLC training and promotion activity (send plc+ data line for training)

PLC training and promotion activity (send plc+ data line for training)

validity period of the activity: July 1 to August 31, 2012 (within the two-month activity period, as long as you meet the activity requirements, you can get a set of plc+ data line with a market price of 500 yuan left and right)

(complimentary equipment - first look)

the opening mode of Tiantian automation (Suzhou) PLC training center:

Mitsubishi FX series, Siemens 200/300/400, touch screen, servo motor, communication, frequency converter, analog quantity, configuration WinCC and other technologies are regularly opened every month

product gift goal:

let everyone continue to consolidate their knowledge when they go home after training. At present, the industrial control automation industry is inseparable from PLC technology. They use Autodesk 123d design to draw digital model C technology as the future development trend, and it is also an indispensable technical wealth for industry technicians. No matter what new knowledge you learn, later practice is essential, so that you can integrate the knowledge points you learn

warm tips: due to the limited number of products, sometimes the material of this part is specified for the metal room. If you need friends, please grasp the opportunity

contact: Mr. Lu

training address: No. 1, Baofeng Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province (welcome to the on-site investigation)

pictures of some experimental equipment for on-site training:

(more pictures of Mitsubishi equipment):

(more pictures of Siemens equipment - the Department is provided by Siemens training cooperation) : keep the room dry WS/HTML/ml

daily automation will carry out PLC delivery activities for all engineers and technicians in the industrial control field from July 1

the activity requirements are as follows, for every day on-site training course:

1 If the training fee is over 1800 yuan, add 200 yuan (send PLC and data cable)

2 When the training fee reaches 2600 yuan, it is directly sent to PLC and data line

warm tip: PLC and 1 data line are in heat treatment status. The data line is Shenzhen Hexin brand, which is fully compatible with Siemens 200PLC

plc equipment introduction: PLC (cpu122, 14 points, relay output compatible with Siemens brand: Shenzhen Hexin)

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