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Plintron has invested 400million yuan (US $60million) into China's telecommunications market.

plintron is the world's largest multinational mobile virtual network provider/integrator. As a leading company in the field of cloud communication solutions, plintron (prieton) today announced its major expansion plan to enter the Asia Pacific region (with emphasis on China)

in 2014, China issued the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license for the first time. The two major goals are to increase investment and promote price reduction, especially in rural areas. Since the issuance of the license, the market of mobile virtual network operators has achieved rapid growth. In 2015, the number of customers increased from 2million to 20million, an increase of 10 times. China has the largest mobile user group in the world, and its leading position in the high potential telecom market has been further proved by opening the business of mobile virtual network operators (and achieved immediate success)

Mohan Kumar Sundaram, co-founder and chairman of plintron, said: following our great success in Hong Kong and Australia, we are happy to expand our mobile virtual network integrator (mvna) service portfolio (cloud communication solutions) to China. As a pioneer in the industry, our investment of 400million yuan in cloud communication technology will help to innovate China's mobile virtual network operator market

invest in creating world-class telecommunications infrastructure, and plintron will help China accelerate its vision of increasing rural penetration at moderate prices. Plintron has achieved success in more than 15 European countries through mobile virtual network provider/integrator services. As a recognized mobile virtual network integrator partner, plintron has been playing an important role in promoting Chinatelecom to become a mobile virtual network operator across the United States. These achievements prove the ability of plintron to accelerate the successful launch of multiple mobile virtual network operators in many niche market segments

subhashree Radhakrishnan, co-founder and vice chairman, added: plintron has leading telecommunications solutions, and its mobile virtual network integrator service portfolio enables our mobile virtual network operator partners to focus on guiding users. With our end-to-end capabilities, we believe that by 2020, we will be able to obtain a huge market share of China Mobile's virtual network operator market

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plintron is a global leading company in the field of cloud communication solutions, and can launch the most comprehensive product portfolio in the telecommunications industry for mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and enterprises. Eight years of rapid growth has made plintron a leader in the telecommunications industry. The company has the largest global influence in its business area and can use transnational networks to maintain a leading position. A key element of this global achievement is the commitment to excellence, customer focus, quality, flexibility and ownership. The company always needs to adjust the parameters of the control system at any time (P strives to create value and develop new innovative solutions. Plintron employs more than 1000 employees, operates businesses in more than 21 countries, and provides mobile services to more than 50 million users. The company has a 24-hour global technology delivery center in India, and Hall displacement sensors have regional business offices in London, the United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia, and Seattle, the United States, and plans to expand in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America

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