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PM2.5 monitoring standard will be published. Instrument manufacturers are moved by the news. Introduction: on the 9th, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that the national technical standard for PM2.5 monitoring will be issued. Once this standard is issued, this monitoring will be carried out in the whole city, and relevant monitoring instruments will be purchased by bidding before monitoring

the relevant person in charge of the Beijing environmental protection monitoring center said on the 9th that efforts will be made to build a PM2.5 monitoring network this year, announcing that PM2.5 data stations will increase to within the year. Among them, the central urban area is the main area, and the suburban counties and Chengguan towns with many people are considered at the same time. After the relevant national standards are issued, the monitoring center will purchase PM2.5 monitoring equipment as soon as possible

Hua Lei, deputy head of Beijing environmental protection monitoring center, said that at present, the counter will only remember that the instruments used in the initial data center set last time are mostly made in the United States, and its detection principle is also in line with international standards. Domestic equipment is relatively limited, and some detection principles are not applicable to domestic equipment, so there is little choice. Since the state has not issued relevant standards, the Environmental Protection Bureau has not yet begun to purchase PM2.5 monitoring equipment, and the general procurement cycle is about 2 months

with the gradual development of PM2.5 monitoring in various regions, the market demand for monitoring instruments and air purification equipment has made enterprises smell new business opportunities. Industry insiders said that after monitoring PM2.5, the information technology field of the detection industry and the air purification industry will usher in favorable development opportunities

Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, previously said that about 1500 monitoring points will be deployed across the country, and the investment required in the early stage of this process will exceed 2 billion yuan, and the annual additional cost will also exceed 100 million yuan

pan Yuhong, a researcher in the environmental protection industry of CIC consulting, said that after monitoring PM2.5, the inspection showed a sharp decline in imported equipment, and that there will be favorable development opportunities in the fields of information technology, environmental protection, air purification and capital markets in related industries. Just yesterday, consulting with a company producing environmental protection equipment in Hunan, it was learned that with the monitoring of PM2.5 gradually put on the agenda, the sales of desulfurization, out of stock and other equipment produced by its company for polluting enterprises such as power companies have increased significantly compared with the previous Programmatic Policies

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