The hottest PLC market in China has entered a peri

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China's PLC market has entered a stable growth period

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2005 China 14 Host size: 700*420*1600mmplc market size is 3.9 billion yuan, nearly 720000 sets. The year-on-year growth rate was 7.4%, which was significantly slower than that in 2004. Large PLC increased by 15%, which is the main driving force for the growth of the whole PLC market

affected by the national investment environment, the application growth of the main application industries of PLC in 2005 decreased significantly compared with the previous year. Only the automotive industry and the petroleum industry increased the fastest, about 15%, and the chemical industry, electronic manufacturing and metallurgical industry increased slightly higher than 10% after the adoption of exchange hydraulic technology

generally speaking, 2004 is a transitional year for science and technology to develop towards higher, faster and more intelligent, and the market has changed from rapid growth to steady growth; In 2005, the market entered a period of steady growth and will continue to grow steadily

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